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Chart Return for Nikki S
Submitted 10-Mar-05 (5837 views)
Hi ya,

Here's my 1st HF chart. Wiggles It features a couple of bits fresh out on Quality Trax
{PLUS THE SOUND CLIPS!!} and a couple of my own brand new productions Wink

Also, I did a mix for Endorphin (AUSTRALIA) a couple of months ago, and there have been a few floating around London. If you haven't got one, but would like to get your hands on one of these babies drop me a PM and I'll get one out to you. Alternatively come down to Innovate @ The Fridge on the 19th March and I'll have some there.



Chart Date: 09/03/05

1. Interelationships - Nick Sentience & Ali Wilson (Quality Trax)
2. God - Jason Cortez (CDR - Nuclear Puppy)
3. Envy - Nicki S (CDR)
4. Harmonizer - Nick Sentience & Matt Williams (Quality Trax)
5. Get Up - Rowland & Cortez (CDR)
6. H20 - Nick Rowland (CDR - Tidy)
7. Free World - Ali Wilson & Nicki S (CDR)
8. Is there anybody out there? - Edison Factor (Edison
9. Edge of Insanity - Paul Maddox (CDR - Tidy)
10. Critical Phaze - Nick Sentience & Ali Wilson (Quality Trax)


From: Stevi D on 9th Mar 2005 16:17.01
Look fwd to hearing your trax Nicki Thumbs up x

From: Nikki S on 9th Mar 2005 16:46.31
Wink I'll be giving them a spin down at Innovate on the 19th. It'll be nuts playing my own tracks down at the Fridge.

From: dazler on 9th Mar 2005 17:12.51
Looking good! Cant wait to hear some of your own tracks Wink

From: Lorenzo Barrero on 9th Mar 2005 18:12.41
Interesting chart Nikki. When is Interelationships/Critical Phaze released...Are there going to be any copies at Innovate in March, as it's the launch?

From: Little Miss Natalie on 9th Mar 2005 20:23.08
Iya u! Smile

From: onthebass on 10th Mar 2005 11:32.28
Do i need to send you my address for a copy? Razz

From: K.A.R.L. on 10th Mar 2005 15:12.11
Might have to pop down on the 19th to hear some of these...!!!

From: Nikki S on 10th Mar 2005 16:07.39
Hey Lorenzo . . . The release date for Interelationships / Critical Phaze is Moday 28th March . . but yep you've guessed it there will be LIMITED PROMO copies at the Launch Party @ Innovate.

If any one wants me to put one aside for the drop me an email or PM and I'll bring it along on the night Wink

From: Nikki S on 10th Mar 2005 16:11.31
TC (onthebass) My Ozzie QT rep. - Your promo copy of QTV006 and my mix is in the hand of snail mail and on it's way to you!



From: Nikki S on 10th Mar 2005 17:31.40
Hi ya. I've updated my chart to include sound clips of the QT stuff. They're just 1 min each and should open quicky in Windows Media Player. Thumbs up

From: Banga Matt on 10th Mar 2005 21:36.46
boowaiiiiiiiiii central expressssssssssss . direct tu ur door
i ll have a copy of crtical phase ! nice and ardd!!

From: onthebass on 12th Mar 2005 08:31.06
Spanx Wink Speak soon x

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