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Divine Geometry, Biorhythm
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31st Dec 2005
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Chart Return for Ashley James
Submitted 21-Mar-05 (8864 views)
01. Technikal - "Sumassualt" (CD-R)
02. Eryk Orpheus - "Hide U" (CD-R)
03. Technikal & Chrysus - "Overdue" (CD-R)
04. Gaz West & Technikal - "Mission Accomplished" (Alf & Ash's "Acid Accomplished" Maddox 303 Edit) (CD-R) Wink
05. Eryk Orpheus - Serious Shit (CD-R)
06. Marc French - "1234" (CD-R)
07. Technikal & Olly Perris - Rock The House (Technikal Mix)
08. The Captain & Max Alien Trax - The Acid Gate Scandal ( Glazby Remix) (Vicious)
09. Technikal - Kingpin (Aftershok Remix) (CD-R)
10. Jeffski B - Understand (CD-R)

From: Jeffski B on 23rd Mar 2005 15:44.00
Cheers for charting Understand, fella!!!

From: Ian H on 24th Mar 2005 11:17.57
Pfff! I come one here to see charts by proper djs, not chancers like you Wink

From: Ashley James on 3rd Apr 2005 17:11.30
Ian - shut it bitchboy. Jeff - no probs, it's a wicked tune. I absolutely love the percussion in the intro. I'm gonna play it @ Deep Blue so make sure you're there for it.Thumbs up

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