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Column by Jason Kinetic
Submitted 22-Oct-05 (5508 views)
Hard dance / trance scene : dying culture or stagnant field due a resurgence of popularity?

it's no secret that many artists within the hard dance and trance scene imparticular have expressed in recent months that they believe the scene to be dying (within certain regions of the uk at least), and it's only major following to be that of the hardcore fanatics and loyal clubbers who have a true vested passion in the styles and the artists themselves...

however on a recent visit to a largely commercial-edged, indie tinged affair at the enormous bristol academy, former home of the scream event which will close it doors for good in the coming month after one last bash, having nostalgically and somewhat depressedly acknowledged the changing tides of what's popular in this venue especially, recalling memories from events such as safehouse which used to be rammed with up for clubbers, all hands in the air and clad from head to toe in cyber gear, my mood was turned when the resident dj dan dropped the prodigy's poison after a somewhat less euphoric indie track...

the place erupted.the ceiling was officially music had proven the defining moment of the night in my and many other punters' eyes...

of course this was short lived as the killers mr brightside floated in at the end of the track to have a similar, yet also far less devastating effect, but once again in an hours time the eerie melody of faithless's insomnia crept its way onto the killer system, and yet again dance music seemed to steal the show...another moment of potential reassurance...

while the two dance tracks i have mentioned are undeniable anthems and classics in their own right, up there with the robbie williams angels of this world to many of us, and as such one might assume they would provoke the awesome crowd reactions they indeed proved to, this still made me wonder whether in fact a modern-day insomnia could rip rooved from nights such as this, and remaining positive as always i reckoned they would...

leading to me to think this...

being a producer myself i often think that my tracks wont define a genre, epitomise the qualities of one, or even get people humming it to themselves in the car the day after i try them out...a safe bet seeing as im not exactly up there with paul van dyk when it comes to production. Yet i still play them out.

And this might hold the answer to my question as to whether our scene's dying or just stagnating more by the day...

we need to push ourselves ( as i'm fully aware the majority of producers do) to the very limits of our creativity and imagination...we need to be pumping out insomnia calibre tracks by the day to get people humming once again to the sounds of trance...not contenting ourselves with perfectly decent tunes but making every track an anthem...

perhaps then we might be able to turn the tide of musical taste back in our favour more quickly.

jason hill

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