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HF's very own Adam Symbiosis goes under the spotlight for Total Mayhem
Written by e99 on 22-11-06 21:01 (3461 views) (22 comments)
So you come on here day in day out, chatting the hours away, reading all the juicy bits of content and generally avoiding doing any work. But have you ever thought about the lovely people who keep this site ticking over? It doesn’t work by magic you know! Adam Symbiosis is one of the people responsible for keeping content on HF fresh as a daisy, acting as Music Reviews Editor and journalist for the site, as well as being a resident DJ for the HF parties and helping run the superb Thirsty Thursdays events in Soho. He’s known for his diverse styles as a DJ, and it’s this versatility that sees him playing a chilled/breaks set at the massive Total Mayhem £10 Payback this Friday 24th November at Hidden. [Full Story]

Warning interview with Getonit
Written by Jazzy on 22-11-06 20:26 (3705 views) (15 comments)
Warning events are the latest in up and coming djs featuring a selection of music genres ranging from hardcore through to hard house. The first Warning took place at the George IV and was originally an event for the celebration of Getonit’s 22nd birthday. It was a raging success, and after receiving great feedback from all involved, Darren has decided to put on an even bigger better Warning at the mass this weekend. I decided to catch up with the horse himself and ask him a few questions about the upcoming event… [Full Story]

Addiction @ Hidden preview: interview with Sean Tyas
Written by Olly Perris on 22-11-06 19:55 (5591 views) (10 comments)
Sean Tyas has come from seemingly nowhere to completely dominate the trance scene in 2006. First coming to the attention of many with fine productions such as ‘Mirella’ and remixes of Sander Van Doorn’s ‘Punk’d’, Sean has arguably written the ultimate trance anthem of 2006 — ‘Lift’ — which was released on Discover Records this summer. Now fully established as a dj and headlining a room at Hidden for Addiction on December 9th, it’s time to get inside the mind of someone surely to be labelled a legend in months, if not weeks to come. [Full Story]

Peach where are ya?! Graham Gold goes back to 1997 for HeatUK: Evolution
Written by benz on 18-11-06 18:27 (6818 views) (29 comments)
For those who don’t know, Peach was the legendary club that took the roof of Camden Palace every single Friday night between 1996 and 2003. It’s quite hard to put in to words just how much this club meant to so many people. Clubbing (and other types of) cherries were popped at the legendary party week in week out, lifelong friendships were made, wedding ceremonies were held, Antipodeans became friends with British pikeys, and a whole generation fell in love with trance music. At the forefront of this clubbing phenomenon was Graham Gold — a long-standing dj who has been a major figure in dance music for the best part of two decades. [Full Story]

Up close and personal with the Extreme Nicki S
Written by Jamie McCarogher on 17-11-06 14:47 (6642 views) (32 comments)
Nicki S is quite possibly the hardest working woman in the whole of the hard dance scene. Not only does she head up the massive tidy and Extreme dj rosters and not only is she one of the founders of one of London and the UK’s most forward thinking hard dance nights, Innovate, but she’s also a damn fierce dj in her own right. [Full Story]

Breaking down barriers with Kuffdam & Plant
Written by Adam Symbiosis on 15-11-06 22:15 (2814 views) (15 comments)
The internet has been both a boon and a bane to those musically inclined. Some though have taken the bull by the horns and used it to its potential. Two leading the vanguard are rising trance stars Kuffdam and Plant. So when I was offered the chance to interview them it not only seemed right, but it was actually only possible, to interview them over the airwaves and copper wires that break down the barriers between person to person...
[Full Story]

Global Breakthrough is about to explode
Written by ~deleted25634 on 15-11-06 21:31 (2685 views) (2 comments)
When was the last time you partied for two weeks straight? Well, get ready to go for it again in beautiful South Africa. Global Breakthrough is bringing the party to Cape Town courtesy of Jamie Joseph, who has networked with major labels, promoters, and even MTV in an attempt to build a bridge of music from Europe to Africa. With parties and various events set to happen in such unique locations as a wine farm, a private beach, a luxurious mansion, an aquarium, a film studio and even a waterfront warehouse, Global Breakthrough stands ready to deliver on their promise to replace outdated party scenes in Ibiza and Miami, and turn Cape Town into a force to be reckoned with. [Full Story]

Escape from Samsara returns
Written by HarderFaster on 15-11-06 21:27 (9782 views) (12 comments)
Ask any die-hard clubber who’s been around the block a few times about their favourite clubbing memory from back in the day, and watch their eyes glaze over as they start a rapturous anecdote about Escape from Samsara. Born in the summer of 1995 after legendary London indoor festival Megatripolis finally closed its doors, EFS ran weekly at The Fridge for a staggering eight years, as well as running events as far afield as Athens and Australia and on mountaintops in Wales and Israel. [Full Story]

Strange Dave and his B2T army head down to Tasty’s 5th Birthday
Written by benz on 13-11-06 17:02 (4942 views) (6 comments)
Living in this little town they call Londoninium, it’s all too easy to forget about the myriad of awesome clubs across the country that are kicking it every weekend. For hard dance freaks, the Midlands and the North are havens of hard beats, hosting some of the most exciting and downright fun events in the country. B2T is one such world-beating club — a relatively recent phenomenon set up by Sundissential resident and former employee, Strange Dave. Now with Dave and his crew preparing to host their own room at Tasty’s 5th Birthday on December 2nd at Renaissance Rooms, us lucky Londoners are about go get a taste of one of the best hard dance clubs in the country. [Full Story]

The DJ Mag Top 100 Awards @ Fabric reviewed
Written by ~deleted25634 on 08-11-06 21:48 (3190 views) (10 comments)
It was evident the moment I walked into Fabric that something big was about to happen. I had arrived, unfortunately, fashionably late since I’m still too new in London to get around on my lonesome; I’d gotten my boyfriend to drop me off in front of the club with my gear, kiddie style. After a few security checks, I was admitted into what is still, almost a decade after its inception, one of the biggest and most influential clubs in the city. No other venue really could host an event of such magnitude, a tribute to the top 100 DJs in the world as determined by public vote, hosted by DJ Magazine. [Full Story]

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