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GAIA: The Disciples of Sound – Doing it for Charity!!!

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 08-03-05 01:58

There are house djs, and there are house djs. Examining the house scenes vast ranks of artists is like looking into the sky at night. There are too many stars to count but the ones that catch the eye are the fastest moving ones; the shooting stars. Well if you take a look at one of the more rapidly moving comets its more than likely to be the phenomenal Disciples of Sound.

Exploding onto the scene just over 2 years ago, the duo from Milton Keynes are sweeping all before them. In the same space of time it takes most djs to get their first gig, the Disciples of Sound have already stolen the show at world class parties such as Miss Moneypennys, Passion, Dusted, Pukka Up and the mighty Godskitchen.

Their innovative sound and style, which seamlessly blends vocal and jackin house, is a breath of fresh air in the global scene. Described as ‘funky, crazy and lots of fun’ they recently signed to Most Wanted’s new house division, Jam Management. Headed up by former Judge Jules and Sonique manger Franco Rossco, they are fast becoming the agencies hottest property.

Even though they describe themselves as ‘DJs that produce’, it's testament to their abilities that US House God, Erick Morillo has jumped on the Disciples band wagon and is caining virtually everything they produce. Not many artists can claim to have gone to Ibiza for the first ever time after only being in the scene for a year, meet Morillo on the Pacha terrace and have him recognise them and soon after play an acetate of their very first track ‘Cant Take No More’!

One of the first to donate their services to Gaia, the Disciples of Sound juggernaut touches down in London next weekend. Still recovering from their latest whirlwind international gig in South Africa, the boys talked about life in the ‘Jackin House’ fast lane.

So lets start from scratch. How did The Disciples of Sound come about?

Disciples of Sound: We collaborated in August 2002 – two young clubbers who wanted to do what the djs did. Make people dance and make house music. We came up with the name, and set about trying to break into the scene from nothing. 2 and a bit years later and we still can’t believe how we’ve got to where we are.

Although you have no affiliation with the hard dance scene you have head lined the house arena at high profile events such as Extreme Euphoria and now the groundbreaking Gaia Charity Benefit. Do these gigs make a nice variation to your weekend routine and can you do you ever stray into the hard arenas?

DOS: Very much so. Every gig is a nice variation as we meet new promoters and clubbers. And we’re lucky enough to get this variation both here and overseas. It’s also fun to see hard house punters dancing to our sets, and very rewarding as djs when they come up to us after we’ve played and tell us how much they enjoyed the music and how it made a nice change for them.

Your signature sound is strongly associated with the term ‘Jackin House’. For those not in the know what does this describe?

DOS: Serious house music that makes you move. Think about the face you pull when a track drops that has the dirtiest and most twisted bass line you’ve heard in a long time. That’s our sound – house music that even the Queen would get down and dirty to.

You’re known collectively as The Disciples but do you DJ solo as well as your double team partnership?

DOS: Never. We couldn’t imagine playing on our own. We feed off each other as both djs and friends in the booth, and to play solo just wouldn’t feel right.

Your part of a glittering array of hard dance, house & breaks artists who have donated their services to Gaia Benefit for the victims of the Tsunami disaster. Is this an important event for you to be a part of?

DOS: Very much so. We remember getting in from The Boxing Day Euphoria gig and watching the Tsunami events unfold on the TV. It makes you realise just how small you really are and just how a little help and money can go a long way. We’re privileged to be asked to play at the gig, and will be putting 110% into our set.

You’ve recently signed to the newly formed Jam Management agency headed up by Franco Risicio of Serious fame (Judge Jules, Sonique etc). What attracted you about the dynamic new agency?

DOS: Franco’s the man! He’s been around for years and is very well respected. We were attracted to the agency due to its big plans - both for it’s roster and for future events they will be taking on. And the artists joining are major artists. To be on the same roster as heroes of ours such as Chus & Ceballos is very exciting.

Arguably the 2 biggest House events of the season are the World Miami Music Conference and the Ibiza summer seasons. You’ve been involved with both of these in the past: any plans for this years sessions?

DOS: We’re off to Miami to promote our new label Red Recordings. The label is already being supported by Radio 1 and the biggest djs in the house scene, so a visit to Miami and the USA where our sound is really appreciated is very important. As for Ibiza, we’ll be over there fortnightly for our residency for Pukka Up and already confirming 4 sets at Space for Sunday mornings.

Before you broke into the scene you were House clubbers as well. What are your fondest memories of these days and which clubs had the strongest impact on you?

DOS: As clubbers, the fondest memories would have to be house music was underground and there wasn’t the whole “beer boy” scene as some would describe it. It was all about getting fucked and going to hear the music rather than getting fucked and trying to pull. It seems the underground scene is flourishing again which is fantastic news! The clubs that have had the biggest impact on us would probably be Space and Ministry Of Sound. Space because it’s the “clubbers club” and we’ve had many a twisted moment on that terrace (RIP the terrace) and Ministry because that was where we were the night we decided to really try and make it as djs.

There is talk on the grapevine of you working with Hed Kandi on a future album in their block rocking series. Care to shed some more light on this for us?

DOS: Mark Doyle (Kandi’s boss) has been battering a track that we made two years ago under our funky house guise AUDIO DELUXE. It’s basically a remake of an old 1979 track. Mark plays it all over the world, and the track has now been signed to Concept for a summer release. He’s looking to get it onto one of the Kandi albums which is OK by us!

Your new label, Red Recordings, is being backed by a host of stars from the world of house music. The likes of Erick Morillo, Steve Lawler & Nic Fanciulli are all getting behind it but they all have different styles of house. Is this what you’re aiming for with the label, a cross section of the whole genre?

DOS: Totally. We don’t want to pidgeon hole the label to one genre of music. The first release in May “Can’t Take No More” is from us and our studio/label partner Kid Lopez. It has the Trophy Twins and Soul Control on the remix. All 3 mixes give the dj something different. Future releases will have artists like Deepgroove and Sonny Wharton on the remix. There’s nothing worse than getting a track through and all the mixes sounding the same. We run the label as djs, for djs.

Would you classify yourselves as djs that produce or producers that dj?

DOS: Hahaha, djs that produce – nuff said!

Arguably the biggest house dj in the World, Erick Morillo, is a big supporter of your tracks. Have you ever been in contact with him directly and is it on the cards to work with him at some point in the future?

DOS: We met Erick on the terrace at Pacha in Ibiza in July when we gave him the first ever copy of “Cant Take No More”. He knew who we were! That was surreal to say the least. We’ve just sent a remix show reel to Erick of our first 3 remixes that are being battered by all and sundry. We feel it’s a house sound that he and Subliminal could be interested in. Put it this way - if he calls us to work with him, we’re on the first plane to New Jersey.

Thanks to Most Wanted and mrbicgit for the pics.

Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Sunday 13th March
At: Turnmills [map]

From: 1pm to 11pm
Cost: Minimum £10 donation
Ticket Info: Ticket Info:

We are asking for a minimum donation of £10 per ticket.

Outlets: / 08700 600 100 / 08702 462 050
E-List London:

£10 Paying Guest List

Please send names to with GAIA in the title bar.

Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Extreme Euphoria, Party Proactive, Frantic, Heat, Tasty, Blast, Twist, Innovate, Twisted, Antiworld & Logic in proud association with Turnmills presents

Sunday 13th March 2005
13.00 – 23.00

On Boxing Day, 26th December 2004, one of the most devastating natural disasters of all time swept through Asia’s vast coastline. Over 160,000 people lost their lives and over a million citizens from more than 10 countries had their way of life changed forever.

On Sunday, 13th March 2005, one of the world’s most respected venues will host the biggest Hard Dance collaboration party the world has ever seen. Putting aside their differences the Capital’s most influential Hard Dance clubs will join forces to raise crucial funds & awareness for the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

The DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) has already raised a staggering volume of funds for the relief appeal but more is still desperately needed. Despite the media agencies reducing their coverage of the tragedy the need for support is far from over with a humanitarian crisis of near biblical scale continuing to unfold.

With our help the piece by piece rebuilding of a devastation area 4 times the size of the UK can continue.

Charity Details:

All profits will go the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee)
Registered Charity No. 1062638
The DEC: To support members in their task of alleviating acute human suffering amongst those least able to withstand the effects of major overseas disaster.

Region: London
Music: Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Nu NRG. Hi NRG. House. Deep House. Funky House. Hard House. Prog House. Tribal House. Vocal House. Funky Techno. Techno. Breaks.
DJ's: MAIN ROOM | Hard Dance

K90 (DJ Set)
Nick Sentience b2b Phil Reynolds b2b James Lawson [WORLD EXCLUSIVE LABEL BATTLE]
(Quality Trax vs. Impact vs. Edison Factor)
Billy Daniel Bunter
The *Ting*
Marc French
Jay Pidgeon b2b A-Star
Guffy b2b Daegal Brain
Shaf De Bass b2b Cally Gage

T2 | House & Breaks

The Disciples of Sound
Tom Real
Mike Walsh
Dan Gerrett (Cheshire Cats)
Eduardo Herrera
Max Cooper
Alex Parsons
Guy Hornsby
Jacob Moss

Who's Going? (95) : *PixieRaver*, AdrenalineOverdrive, Alex Parsons, aninha, antiks, anton@heat, anushka007, Autotrip, babycakeslee, Banjaxt, BeBe, bennett, beth_bd, binbag, blue, Bone-Eta, bouncin_andy, Boy_Racer, brad duke, bunnykins230, Cally Gage, Col B, Craig Paxton, cuddles, D'Scrace, Daegal Brain, Dan Cheshire Cat, Dickon Laws, Diesel Steve, dori, DR D, Dubster, Duracell Bunny, Eddie H, Element7, Elisha, Fitty_Bag, FlirtyMinx, frantic fan, Franticclubber, GMReq, Gyrator, Hard House Lady, Harry PT, Holly-Anna, Irma73, Jacob, James Lawson, Janie Mac, JC FRANTIC, Joe Black, Kathy, kimba_lee, Less is Bat, Lorenzo Barrero, Martin Begley, Matt, minimoo, Miss Meena, Moonpatrol, Nikki S, paul jack, Paul M, Pauly, Phil rr, plant, polly, protic, Rainey, Richard Launch, richbowenuk, robyne, saucepan tits, SexLoveandMotion, Sharp Tongue, sissan, Slim Sadie, solus, SonikBloo, Spoonter, steelo kuchiki, sweet_kelly, t419kgo, Technikal, the_thunderbird, Tina, Tinker.Bell, Type 1, VinDiesel, Wiggii, Will Frantic, x-ray, ziubas, Zoelee, ~deleted5662 
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From: littlemissgenki on 9th Mar 2005 01:45.04
The Disciples of Sound @ Heat at the Coronet were one of the first funky sets I ever liked enough to write about! Great stuff guys!

From: Minx! on 16th Mar 2005 19:54.34
Nice interview boys!!! Claps Hands Was good to see you at Gaia too... Wink

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