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The ultimate Addiction? Get your fix at the Fridge on September 30th

Reported by mostwantedkat / Submitted 04-09-06 18:34

Addiction is a serious thing, no laughing matter. One minute you’re living your life, the next you’re totally consumed by something so big that everything else pales in comparison. It can happen to even the most normal of us sitting here today, believe you me. One week you’re going to work, coming home, going to work, coming home, maybe going out for a pint or two on the weekend if you’re feeling a bit rebellious.

Then all of a sudden you’re raging it up in the middle of the week, partying till the wee small hours and descending into a kicking social life, increasing circles of friends and, worst of all, banging summer boat parties. It’s no wonder our young people are attracted to this life of hedonistic uplifting debauchery!

Today on the Jeremy Vile Show we’re tackling the subject of Addiction and the way it can control our lives head on. I’d like you to put your hands together and give a warm welcome to a very special guest — Scouser.

If you see this man on the right beware — he’s Addicted and he’ll make you Addicted too!

This is an extremely brave step you’re taking Scouser, coming on the show in front of thousands, so we really do appreciate you taking this time out.

Now the first thing that any Addict has to do is to acknowledge they have a problem. So if you could, I’d like you to stand up, tell us your name and admit you’re an Addict . . .

My name’s Scouser, of course that’s not my real name — real name’s don’t matter after a while, and I’m . . . I am an Addiction . . . an Addiction addict.

That’s great Scouser. I’m sure you must feel like a weight’s already been lifted off your shoulders. Now if you could tell us, exactly how long have you been an Addict for?

Like most Addicts, time is an abstract thing, maybe a couple of years now? It’s hard to remember, I know I’ve followed the event across London to various seedy venues and darkened rooms.

How did you first get hooked?

You know how it is. You want the weekend to start earlier and last longer so you sniff around the usual haunts keeping your ear to the ground. I’d heard about Thursday parties, and had been to SIDs a couple of times, but I really got hooked after the first visit to the Southside Bar.

Who told you about it?

I can’t remember exactly who. You pick things up, Addiction was one of those nights people kept mentioning at other parties — like a secret society. Curiosity got the better of me and I came along. One visit and I was hooked.

Surely you must have thought, after that first night, that it would be just a whole lot safer to stay at home and watch the telly!? What is it about the night that keeps you coming back for more?

Oh, loads of things. The music, but that’s obvious. It’s partly the fact it’s so bloody naughty on a Thursday night, even my boss knows not to expect much from me on a Friday any more. Then there are the other Addicts — you develop camaraderie because you all know what you’re doing is wrong, but you egg each other on anyway! After a while it’s so easy to just pop along, you know you’ll always know people.

What are the symptoms you usually experience during a session?

Any Addict will have a similar story. The feeling in your stomach starts early on a Thursday afternoon, you may find yourself listening to an Addiction resident’s mix while you pretend to work, or you may skive out of the office for a ‘meeting’ so you can get to town on time.

You feel a strange apprehension when you walk into the venue, a sense that something’s going to happen. I tend to get there about 7.30 having had a couple of beers on the way up to steel myself. As the venue fills up you hover in corners, waiting . . . . You acknowledge other Addicts with a nod, but you’re all waiting. Then at about 10pm, something happens, the atmosphere changes and everything goes mental. Blokes in suits are jumping round the place, girlies are teetering on heels throwing themselves round the dance floor and yet never spilling a drop of their brightly coloured drinks. Then before you know it . . . it’s over, the lights are on, and you’re outside the venue. You chatter wildly on the tube home before finally getting to bed at about two. You’re drunk, your ears are ringing and you know you have work in the morning, but it doesn’t matter.

Quite possibly a ‘moment’ on the dance floor. Stunning stuff.

Are there any known side effects?

Several, but no real lows. As I said, Friday morning’s aren’t pretty. Your head is banging and you can close your eyes and see the bedlam of last night. I tend not to schedule meetings for Fridays. Fortunately you can compare notes with other Addicts online — occasionally there’s photos, you dread the photos. Usually by lunch you’re ready for a medicinal beer to rev you up for the weekend.

This kind of Addiction always seems to be a social thing — do you hang out with other Addicts?

Occasionally, when you see fellow Addicts at other events you say hi and have a beer. Some of my best friends are Addicts so I see them lots, in fact I’ve lived with one for a little while.

How do you feel about your next session at The Fridge?

It’s a great move for the party. The promoters have put a lot into making the Addiction atmosphere unique and friendly. There are a quite a few Addicts too, so they shouldn’t struggle to bring people in. I know it’s going to be a great party, one that I’ll simply have to go to. The Fridge is a respected venue too so I think it should be able to create the necessary Addiction atmosphere.

The street value of Addiction

I have to ask this, and I do want you to answer honestly — do you actively encourage others to become Addicts?

I’m ashamed to say that yes I do.

[Collective gasp of shock and horror from the audience] Please try and keep it calm! Security, can somebody restrain the man in the back third row! That’s right sir, just sit back down! We’re not here to judge people, just simply to try and understand . . .

I know, I know, and I wish that I was sorry! I’m the worse kind of Addict, one who boasts about his Addiction, one who draws others in, makes it sound exciting and tantalising. I can think of about five people who I’ve got hooked. Some Addictions just need to be shared.

So what happens between fixes? Do you form support groups while you wait for the next session?

After a really big session there’s an empty feeling the next day. It’s part hangover and part knowing you have a while to wait until the next party. Go to any of the discussion boards after a party and you’ll be able to compare wild stories with other Addicts and piece together bits of the night that brightly coloured drinks have caused you to forget. Then if you’ve managed to blag a few CDs off djs on the night you can always listen to them to pass the time. Incidentally, I never blag CDs but I do seem to end up with pockets full of them — strange . . .

All aboard for the ultimate fix

How do you get in touch with other Addicts?

There tends to be a few Addicts I’ll contact before the parties, a quick PM to see who’s going along.

Are most of your friends Addicts?

Some are. I’ve made a lot of acquaintances at Addiction and I’ve brought several of my best friends along to the party. When it was on a Thursday it was never agreed we’d go to Addiction, it was assumed. One of my best mates is an Addict too so we hang round quite a lot

When you get together, what’s the rush like?

The rush is ace. Partly the music, partly the atmosphere — you always know you’re going to have a great party.

Out of all the djs, which ones are most likely to keep you Addicted?

Addiction have done well with guests, I enjoy watching Andy play, and Ilana. I particularly enjoyed Carl Nicholson. And of course Technikal, an artist and dj who is a clubber first and foremost.

Have you got your tickets for The Fridge?

Not yet. Like most real hardcore Addicts I always leave it to until the last second. I don’t know why — I usually end up phoning Andy T when I’m on my way to a party pleading with him to hold on to a ticket for me. Maybe it’s denial . . . I don’t know.

Where do you get yours from? Have you got a regular supplier?

For his sins Andy T usually has to deal with me phoning him at stupid times of the day or night.

Okay Scouser, well thanks for being so open and honest with us about something that is blatantly ruining your life. I’d like to take some questions from the floor now, so if anybody has something they’d like to ask, just raise your hand. Yes you, lady at the back in the Rolling Stones top . . .

Can you get me a ticket?

You so know you want to go . . .

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From: Meena on 4th Sep 2006 18:42.20
Nicely done!

From: Matt Smallwood on 5th Sep 2006 08:14.40
Looking forward to this!

From: Martin Begley on 5th Sep 2006 09:08.43
Hmmm yes, would have to concour with above Mr Smalls! Bring it on!

From: Craig Luck on 5th Sep 2006 10:23.04
That artical is scarily true. I miss those Thursday nights, although I don't really remember much of them. I even managed to get the back of my head in two photo's.

Can't wait for the end of the month guy's. Should be wiked.

From: Ashley James on 5th Sep 2006 16:11.48
LOL... See you all soon. We've got some cool shit planned for the Fridge... Wink

From: FrankyB on 5th Sep 2006 17:36.19
Love it!! What a wicked review Lol. Can't fucking wait for the 30th september Thumbs up

From: VinDiesel on 5th Sep 2006 20:04.09
Wicked stuff. Well done Jez and Kat. I really cant wait for the 30th September. The Addiction crew are going to rip it up at The Fridge!

From: jef on 5th Sep 2006 23:30.02
Count me in - missing the Addiction Thursday night shenanigans...!! Will this make up for it though...?

From: James Terry on 6th Sep 2006 06:21.01
this night is gonna be big, cant wait to get dancing!

From: Andy T on 6th Sep 2006 07:36.20
Laughs out loud What a wicked read ! Jez you are a true legend ! and Thumbs up to Kat for a wicked idea !! This WILL be the biggest Addiction yet so make sure you're all down the front for this !

From: carl nicholson on 6th Sep 2006 14:55.50
Glad to be of service!",

From: Mark. on 6th Sep 2006 17:41.33
Quality article. Thumbs up

From: Scouser on 7th Sep 2006 09:49.37
like it! lollage.

From: danj on 11th Sep 2006 10:15.32

From: anushka007 on 11th Sep 2006 13:56.17
Agreed with DanJ: safe like Wink have fun Smile

From: Olly Perris on 13th Sep 2006 10:00.52
Make sure you're down with the clowns at Addiction's first big party. This is going to be seriously fun. Big grin

From: luke warner on 14th Sep 2006 19:11.54
cant wait

From: D J Ben Alonzi on 18th Sep 2006 21:12.40
looks good Smile

From: *Ollie M* on 19th Sep 2006 14:40.27
Cant wait for my first addiiction!

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