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The results for the 2006 HarderFaster Awards are in!

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 07-02-07 12:03

This year voting was spread thinly, or was it your choices had expanded? Maybe your tastes have broadened or was it you just can’t agree with each other on anything? Whatever it was, the votes cast brought in many wonderful and weird selections, surprisingly enough from many parts of the world.

Of course there was the ubiquitous dose of the hard stuff, but it was clear to us that some of you have gone soft in your old age with strong showings for the house, breaks and trance scene across all the poll sections.

We’d also like to thank those who voted for Club Jef as the best after party, White Label as the best label, Dunno as the best party, My House as the best new venue and Someone Else as the best review writer. Your thoughts were very valuable to us.

Before we come to our winners — who by the way come highly commended by yourselves — it should be to the other notables that we say well done and good luck for next year. We’ve included these significant others for your curiosity and interest.

In every category though there were strong winners — people, clubs and venues that made you sit up and take notice over the past year. So now if you can please put your hands together for them (and remember to buy them a drink when you see them next) we present the Harderfaster Annual Poll 2006 winners!


HarderFaster Club Night of the Year 2006
Which was the best overall promotion of the year?

Winner: Party Proactive

After a run of bad luck in 2005 Proactive finally found their home at Turnmills, another 2006 poll winner, and was the clear winner of the HarderFaster Club of the Year 2006.

Honourable mentions to Zoology, Cyberkitten and Vaccine

HarderFaster After Party of the Year 2006
Straight from the club to the afterparty... or maybe you made it the main event?

Winner: Twist

Despite several relocations in 2006, Twist received a resounding thumbs up from HarderFaster members to retain their After Party crown.

Runner Up: Baklash

HarderFaster Day Party of the Year 2006
When you wanted a daytime party which event took your fancy?

Winner: Twist

Twist takes the prize again, although this was a closer run race with Trance on the Thames and Alumni coming joint second.

hUJe deserve a special mention for their hard work putting on regular Saturday parties for so many years and despite having some time off we hope to see them return in the future. We were also very pleased to see the HarderFaster Xmas Party receive enough votes for an honourable mention.

Joint Runners Up: Trance on the Thames and Alumni

Honourable mentions to hUJe and the HarderFaster Xmas Party

HarderFaster New Party of the Year 2006
Which new promotion starting this year shows the most promise?

Winner: Prehab

Moving from 2nd room at clubs like Nu Religion to one of the Gallery resident parties, 2006 has been a fantastic year for the Prehab boys, underlying the continuing resurgence of trance and your changing tastes.

Honourable mentions to Vaccine, Party Proactive and nu religion

Choons 'n Labels

HarderFaster Tune of the Year 2006
Your pick of the finest tunes produced this year?

Winner: Barriers by Andy Farley

The Tidy Boys named it their record of the week (funnily enough it was released on Tidy) and you’ve named it your track of the year. Teaming up with young star Colin Barratt, Barriers is a surprisingly melodic hard houser and it’s your favourite.

Joint Runners Up: Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah and Mason – Exceeder

HarderFaster Remix of the Year 2006
This year's best remix of an old track?

Winner: Adam White - Ballerina

First released in 2005, Ballerina has made a resurgence in your opinions, helped no doubt by Adam White and the rest of the Knowwhere crew wowing at Heaven and on the airwaves.

Runner Up: Karim - No Way

HarderFaster Album of the Year 2006
Which DJ mixed album was the best of the year?

Winner: Ed Real/BK — Filthy House for Dirty Stop Outs

The Riot boys have scored some great hits over the past 2 years on Riot! Recordings and this best of compilation featuring tracks from Ben and Ed along with Yomanda, Mark Sherry, Judge Jules and plenty more of the usual suspects was certainly a hit with you.

Honourable mentions to Tom Basquil — Venomous Volume 1 and the Frantic Residents series

HarderFaster Label of the Year 2006
Which label has produced the most outstanding tracks this year?

Winner: Addiction Digital

A relative newcomer Addiction started their free Thursday night parties in late 2004 and by the end of 2006 they were hosting successful night time events. In the course of this journey they launched their own label which has stolen the crown from our previous Label of the Year, Vicious Circle, who move into second place.

Runner Up: Vicious Circle

Honourable mentions to Do Not Bend and Flashpoint.


HarderFaster Producer of the Year 2006
This year's top producer

Winner: Technikal

For one so young Alf Bamford’s productions show incredible maturity, which is justly reflected in your choice of Producer of the Year 2006.

Runner Up: Karim

Honourable mentions to BK and MDA and Spherical.

HarderFaster New Producer of the Year 2006
Which producer emerging this year has shown the most talent?

Winner: Frase

Frase (or Fraser Hamilton as he’s known to his mum) takes new producer of the year 2006. Even though 2005 was his breakthrough year, with a number of remixes behind him and tracks picked up by major jocks, 2006 really saw him stepping up a gear.

Runner Up: Ashley James

HarderFaster Remixer of the Year 2006
Who's done the best remixes this year?

Winner: Technikal

Another top accolade for Technikal, is there no stopping this man?

Runner Up: Karim

DeeJays and Performers

HarderFaster DJ of the Year 2006
Who was your favourite DJ in 2006?

Winner: Karim

A love him or hate him DJ, Karim’s tough sets at his residency of Twist and beyond have won him a legion of loyal subjects voting him HF DJ of the year.

Runner Up: Latex Zebra

Honourable mentions to Adam White, Andy Farley and Ian Betts.

HarderFaster Live Act of the Year 2006
Which or who was your favourite live act in 2006?

Winner: Greg Brookman A.L.I.V.E. PA

Greg Brookman, well known impersonator of DJs, launched his A.L.I.V.E. PA to an unsuspecting audience in late 2005. During 2006 he took the stage with storm and proved himself a worthy winner of HarderFaster's Live Act of 2006.

Runner Up: K90

Honourable mentions to Edison Factor, LAB4, MDA & Spherical and Nu Energy Collective

HarderFaster Resident DJ of the Year 2006
Which resident DJ at which club made it their own in 2006?

Winner: Karim (Twist)

The Twist brigade march on with star man Karim. Not just content with winning DJ of the year, he now notches up Resident of the Year too!

Joint Runners Up: Tom Basquil (Twist) and Latex Zebra (Zoology)

HarderFaster International DJ of the Year 2006
Outside the scope of regular clubbing, which world class DJ ranks as number one?

Winner: Paul Van Dyk

Mirroring the DJ Mag Top 100 results Paul Van Dyk takes the top spot, stealing the crown from Tiesto who was our previous winner.

Runner Up: Tiesto

Honourable mention to Sander van Doorn

HarderFaster Up and coming DJ of the Year 2006
Which up and coming DJ showed the most promise for the future?

Winner: Paul Batten

Another Twist favourite Paul Batten received a lot of attention in 2006 going on to be named as Twist resident late in the year.

We were also pleased to see Dean Zone named as runner up, definitely one to watch in the future.

Runner Up: DJ Zone

HarderFaster Set of the Year 2006
Which DJ played your favourite set this year and which event was it at?

Winner: Karim’s 6 Hour Karimathon

The Twist army continued to show their loyalty with a resounding win for Karim's 6 hour marathon set. Carl Cox was the worthy runner up with the set even rain couldn’t dampen.

Runner Up: Carl Cox at SW4


HarderFaster Festival of the Year 2006
What was your favourite festival of 2006?

Joint Winners: Glade and SW4

Both Glade and SW4 are relative newcomers to the festival scene but each has secured a regular date in the clubbing calendar and in people’s hearts.

Honourable mention to Global Gathering

HarderFaster Venue of the Year 2006
What was your favourite clubbing venue in 2006?

Winner: Turnmills

A firm favourite with many clubbers hosting the legendary Gallery plus, of course, the HarderFaster Xmas Party, Turnmills is a well presented and excellently equipped venue and we weren't surprised they took our Venue of the Year award.

Runner Up: 414

HarderFaster New Venue of the Year 2006
What was your favourite new venue in 2006?

Winner: Hidden

Under the ownership and guidance of Will Patterson of Frantic fame, Hidden has hosted many memorable parties during it's first year and was given the thumbs up by HarderFaster members.

Runner Up: Renaissance Rooms

HarderFaster Content

HarderFaster Photographer of the Year 2006
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Photo section?

Winner: Daf

Daf is well known for his outstanding pictures and knowledgeable contributions in our Photo forum and he well deserves this award.

Special mention to Cheeky Chick, our runner up who has quietly clocked up 82 photo sets as an official HarderFaster photographer.

Runner Up: Cheeky Chick

Honourable mention to Crimson – Crazy Fool

HarderFaster Feature Writer of the Year 2006
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Feature section?

Winner: Adam Symbiosis

Our resident DJ and tune review manager Adam is also a regular contributor to HarderFaster's feature section. In the past year he's tackled a wide variety of topics including an excellent feature on hearing, informative articles on drugs plus a plethora of reviews and previews.

We were also pleased to see E99's Benz commended for his prolific and entertaining contributions to HarderFaster and we've been impressed at his comprehensive coverage of such a wide spectrum of subjects and genres.

Runner Up: Benz

Honourable mentions to K8-e, Tara, Nomi Sunrider and Vin Diesel.

HarderFaster Review Writer of the Year 2006
Who was the best contributor to HarderFaster's Tune Review section?

Winner: Daegal Brain

Part of the kiwi mafia, Daegal has become one of our most prolific writers covering a wide variety of genres. We’re looking forward to reading more of his insightful reviews.

Runner Up: Josie
Honourable mentions to Adam Symbiosis and K8-e.

HarderFaster Thread of the Year 2006
Which was your favourite thread of 2006?

Winner: Why is it I find sexyminx so god-damn annoying? by Saint.

Some say that HarderFaster is only entertaining when people are bitching and your choice of thread seems to prove this point. Coming in at a very close second however was Stace's Word Association thread, showing not everyone enjoys a bitchfest.

2nd place: Word Association by Stace
3rd place: Wildchild @ SEOne by ?

HarderFaster Member Awards

HarderFaster Member of the Year 2006
Who was your favourite overall HarderFaster member in 2006?

Winner: Loo
2nd Place: iParty
3rd Place: Latex Zebra

The HarderFaster Member of the Year category received some of the most diverse votes in any section with very little to separate the winners. Definitely no tactical voting in this section.

Honourable mentions to Beentheredonejaxt and Enfant Terrible.

HarderFaster Intellectual of the Year 2006
Which HarderFaster member gave you food for thought in 2006?

Winner: Benedict

When it comes to smart, Benedict is the man who can.

Runner Up: Homo Erectus

Honourable mentions to General Zod, Gravitational Pull and Shaf de Bass.

HarderFaster Party Animal of the Year 2006
Who was HarderFaster's party animal in 2006?

Winner: Webbo

Webbo takes gold as HarderFaster’s Party Animal of the Year, just beating our predicted winner Ed Real.

Runner Up: Ed Real

HarderFaster Smoothest Operator of the Year 2006
Who was HarderFaster's smoothest operator during 2006?

Winner: DigitalSushi

When it comes to smooth you need look no further that our resident aquatic life form DigitalSushi!

Runner Up: PonyBoy.

HarderFaster The Dark Side of the Year 2006
Which HarderFaster member did you love to hate in 2006?

Winner: iparty

We must admit, this winner was not entirely unexpected but iparty has also stolen the posting crown from Joe Black, racking up over 14000 posts and 1100 threads in around 6 months. Love her or hate her, she’s certainly a feature of HarderFaster.

Runner Up: Enfant Terrible

(Dis)honourable mentions to General Zod and Ponyboy.

So there are the highlights of 2006 as voted for by you. Thank you for taking the time to vote and tell us what you thought. Let's see what 2007 brings.

Photos taken from the HarderFaster archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: UTH on 7th Feb 2007 12:21.30
are you kidding?

From: Janie Mac on 7th Feb 2007 12:24.56
YAY! Nice one Loo-rinse.

From: Little Miss Moo on 7th Feb 2007 12:25.55
Laughs out loud

From: anushka007 on 7th Feb 2007 12:28.44
fun fun fun Claps Hands

From: ~deleted5662 on 7th Feb 2007 12:29.50
Tee hee hee

From: Andy T on 7th Feb 2007 12:30.23
RAAAA Big grin

Thanks guys Not worthy... and congrats to everyone else Thumbs up

From: FrankyB on 7th Feb 2007 12:33.27
Got on Addiction...Best Label of 2006 !!!

From: skaramanga on 7th Feb 2007 12:33.32
well done iparty Laughs out loud

From: prehabDJ on 7th Feb 2007 12:33.54
Thanks to everyone that voted from Prehab in the new event of 2006 award especially with other events Vaccine, Party Proactive and nu religion. I've had great nights at Vaccine and Nu Religion and Party Proactive is somewhere I have to get down to soon.

Well done to Frase too

From: Ed Real on 7th Feb 2007 12:34.06
Chuffed to bits about the compilation category guys! We are releasing BK's Under The Influence artist album on 7th May and this has really put the wind in our sails... Webbo - you animal!!!!! :-)

From: STACE on 7th Feb 2007 12:37.55
Woooooot! 2nd best thread and no bitching involved! Woohoo oo oo oo

From: ~deleted1390 on 7th Feb 2007 12:38.58

I'm shocked. 2nd in the DJ section. Shocked
Alumni runner up for the day party.
Zoology getting an honourable mention.
Great to see the 414 getting 2nd place in the club award as well. Very well deserved.

Thanks for all the support, I'm absolutely stunned.

From: on 7th Feb 2007 12:40.35
Thanks for everyone who voted for me, its a honour! Smile

(Although im not a resident of prehab tho Razz )

From: Matt on 7th Feb 2007 12:45.14
Sorry Frase, updated Wink

From: Stix on 7th Feb 2007 12:46.09
thanks for voting TURNMILLS. oh yeah

From: benz on 7th Feb 2007 12:48.43
cheers for the votes guys!

Go on Prehab, Alf, Greg, Turnmills, Hidden, Twist!

From: richbowenuk on 7th Feb 2007 12:49.05
Thnaks to everyone who voted in the awards and for making TWIST your favourite after-party!!!


From: Steve Twist on 7th Feb 2007 12:58.27
wow. the only awards I care about and we win 6!!!!
cheers everyone!

From: Matt on 7th Feb 2007 13:02.07
Well done Twist, looks like you have a very loyal and very motivated army Thumbs up

From: Dean Zone on 7th Feb 2007 13:03.18
HarderFaster Up and coming DJ of the Year 2006 - runner up.


From: Mat Lock on 7th Feb 2007 13:09.57
Go Bruv Smile

Congrats to all who won and came in close.

From: Mizz_behavin on 7th Feb 2007 13:14.13
Barriers tune of the year - well not surprising cos everywhere its played just goes off Slayer
Congrats to Twist as well Big grin
Nuff respect innit to Webbo Not worthy... Mmmwwah!

From: dr phil on 7th Feb 2007 13:18.52
Great news for twist, especially karim, tom and paul! Thumbs up Clearly people either love or hate iparty! And good work to the number 1 charmer himself.

From: nige_n on 7th Feb 2007 13:23.17
The Wildchild thread was by Red5

From: Hels on 7th Feb 2007 13:26.04
LOL Loo !

From: I3anjaxt on 7th Feb 2007 13:33.11

From: Timmy Whiz on 7th Feb 2007 13:35.36
well done to the Zebra, a fair few mentions also for Zoology and Alumni Yay!

From: enfant terrible on 7th Feb 2007 13:44.12
Oh dear god.

From: Timmy Whiz on 7th Feb 2007 13:48.09
well done to the Zebra, a fair few mentions also for Zoology and Alumni Yay!

From: Becka on 7th Feb 2007 13:57.03
Yes Frase, fully deserved so happy for you. And Yes for Prehab!!! Becks xxxx

From: K.A.R.L. on 7th Feb 2007 13:59.47
Go Frase !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jennie B on 7th Feb 2007 13:59.50
Talk about cleaning up at the awards!!! Big grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grinBig grin

Thanks to eveeryone that votedThumbs up

Long Live Twist! Heartbeat

From: cheerio on 7th Feb 2007 14:09.17
jesus christ, this is an iparty free zone still!!!!

From: suzy-q on 7th Feb 2007 14:22.12

From: djdyju on 7th Feb 2007 14:25.30
Thumbs up Thanks to the HarderFaster crew for organising this poll. It's really interesting to see what people think, and although some of the answers were to be expected, others came as a surprise. Well done to the artists, DJs, promoters, photographers etc and other members who got so many votes Cool

From: Dj Brad Lee on 7th Feb 2007 14:30.28
Good one Paul..looks like you are gonna go far mate..Congrats

From: *cheeky chick* on 7th Feb 2007 15:50.34
Congrats to Karim Heartbeat and Twist. Nuff respect innit
And as for me being runner up photographer. Faints
So glad people enjoy looking at my photos and thanks for voting. Mmmwwah! Thumbs up

From: Paul Batten on 7th Feb 2007 15:53.55
Batten ere!! Just want to say thanks to everyone who voted for me absolutely gobsmacked!! Special thanks to steve, jen and jazz for making this happen!!! Long live TWIST!!!!!!!!

From: BakLash on 7th Feb 2007 16:07.29
Thank u too all who voted for us,thanks for all ur continued support
Too come 2nd behind Twist is an honour and yep i am very proud,thanks again to u all

Congratulations Twist from All At BakLash(TAFTA)

From: Glyn Waters on 7th Feb 2007 16:37.31
Get in there Twist, Karim and Batten Claps Hands

From: Andy Dunford on 7th Feb 2007 18:21.35
Congratulations to Frase as a thoroughly deserved winner of best new producer. Pretty much everything he did in 2006 was quality.

From: Pathfinder on 7th Feb 2007 18:25.03
Thank you to those who voted for Trance on Thames#
See you on the beach soon

From: J_T on 7th Feb 2007 18:49.47
Woooooot! for Twist, esp to Paul for winning up and comming, well deserved, and congrats to all the other winners too

TWIST Heartbeat

From: Ualda on 7th Feb 2007 19:25.47
I didn't know anything about HarderFaster 2006 Annual Readers’ polls Blush thanx for the special mention for hUJe Heartbeat

From: Redrum on 7th Feb 2007 20:32.36
WOW! Congratulations Twist for cleaning up in the awards and a special mention to Tom Basquil who came runner up twice in the Resident dj and Mixed CD category. Well done Babe !

From: WEBBO on 7th Feb 2007 21:05.08
f*ck me i won an award Laughs out loud: still say Ed should have won tho

well done to twist and proactive Thumbs up well deserved

and i dont love to hate iparty , shocking one that Eek!

From: Alan-Banks on 7th Feb 2007 22:30.07
Nice work Frase

Well deserved mate

From: Smallsy on 7th Feb 2007 23:19.23
No ElectronicSessions mentioned? you uncultured lot ! easily the best, most diverse line ups ive seen this year have been down at ES.

From: Tom Basquil on 7th Feb 2007 23:53.34
Ah I'm well chuffed with that!! Thankyou so much to everyone that took time to vote for me Smile Well done to Karim & Batten, truly deserved! No suprises with Twist haha... brilliant. Well done to all mentioned!

From: VinDiesel on 8th Feb 2007 02:01.19
Congratulations to Twist , still one of the strongest after parties in London.
Tom, it doesnt matter how tired and worn out my legs are...your sets at Twist always get me on my feet.
Well done to Party Proactive., of those parties that i discovered in 2006 and blew me away!
Wel done Claire on being runner up photographer, thats good reward for your hard work and effort
Yo did it year the man should get a 'lifetime achchivement award for services to clubbing'
and thank ye very much for mentioning me in Features...theres so many people ive enjoyed meeting and interviewing this year.

From: *cheeky chick* on 8th Feb 2007 08:09.27
Forgot to say congrats to Party Proactive,well deserved Claps Hands

From: Miss BakLash!! on 8th Feb 2007 10:10.45
Wow.... that's fantastic! well done to my wee angel and to all of those who voted! Heartbeat

From: A.Waters on 8th Feb 2007 13:45.35
well done twistThumbs up

and it looks like 2007 is going to be the year of the chopper

From: Joanna McEwen on 8th Feb 2007 13:55.56
Hoorah for Harderfaster! Hip Hip hoo... etc Smile

From: iparty on 8th Feb 2007 17:11.18
Woooooot! watch out i am putting all my energy into dj'ing Dancing banana

From: enfant terrible on 8th Feb 2007 17:16.32
LOL - DJ iparty on the wheels of steel.
I can just picture you stopping the decks every 5 minutes to ask the crowd a really banal question.

From: DJ Widow on 8th Feb 2007 19:36.58
Nice to see that the good lovin' LZ doesn't get at home, he's getting on here Smile

From: sexyminx on 8th Feb 2007 20:03.39
Faints im surprised for Saint’s thread about me Winning 1st. Nice one Saint & congrats to the runner ups! Thank you, thank you! to all my true friends out there. Looking forward to partying with ya in 2007. Gonna miss you all when I go Australia Crying (very sad) Nice one to everyone including BakLash & 414 & congratulations to everyone else who won Smile All the best for 2007! x

From: gontijo on 8th Feb 2007 21:02.17
what about


From: jef on 8th Feb 2007 22:28.43
Glad to see Twist still going strong - a rare occurrence that I get there these days but always have a great time when I do. Don't worry Steve I don't think Club Jef will be taking you on quite yet - big thanks to all those who did vote jef (I gather it was just one vote!) I'm still laughing about that one. Laughs out loud

After seeing Ed Real at Tidy closing + afterparty in 'beefa last year am surprised he didn't win - Webbo you must be putting some effort in Thumbs up

Glad to see awards going to :

Daf - top guy and amazing pictures very well deserved - good effort to Claire for getting a mention too.
Adam Symbiosis - don't know how you do it mate what with all the DJing, writing, HF, TT etc - well done! And well done to Chris for getting a mention Big grin
Greg Brookman - still not heard one of your live sets yet - will definitely be checking them out this year - looking forward to it
Party Proactive - my fave club since 2005 great to see Paul, Jo and the team taking this to a new level - great job!
Paul Van Dyk - without a doubt the best set I heard last year at Cream Ibiza Closing

From: paul jack on 8th Feb 2007 23:53.50
Thank u to everybody who voted - its been an amazing 2006 and i feel that 2007 is going to be event better!

From: ck on 9th Feb 2007 15:27.42
Smile Niiiice. And a big finger to all those doubters who have not put foot in 414 but feel qualified to slate it.... Wink

From: BottleofWater on 9th Feb 2007 17:04.13
Loo is my hero.

From: cristina on 9th Feb 2007 17:10.05
Jef - don't mention it Wink

From: SCOTTIE1 on 9th Feb 2007 18:41.54

From: Steve Twist on 9th Feb 2007 18:59.47
thankyou to everyone who voted for us. It really exceeded any expectation. 6 wins and 6 runner ups must be a record?

From: Paul Batten on 10th Feb 2007 13:42.45
Just want to add well done to karim the mans a legend and a special mention to me old mukka, tom basquil who will definately be pushing top spots this year!!!!

From: Karim Lamouri on 10th Feb 2007 20:15.44
Thanks guys, it really means a lot to me that there's people still out there believing in what I do. Looking forward to a big year ahead...

From: lollypop_lisa on 11th Feb 2007 10:02.11
Well Done to everyone that won awards, or were the runners-up for one!! You obviously deserve it!!
Congratulations especially to Daf & Cheeky Chick...
You both take some really shit-hot pics, & must be well chuffed that so many other people think the same!Big grinBig grin
Well done to Crimson-Crazy Fool too... Esp considering the number of sets that you've posted this yr!! LolBig grin Love & Kisses mister! xxx

ps. note to self... must try harder next year!! lolWink Big grin :rollseyes:Laughs out loud Wink

From: Adam White on 11th Feb 2007 19:37.00
Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who voted for the new mix of 'Ballerina'.


From: Jazzy on 11th Feb 2007 21:14.10
Well done to all the winners, especially Twist!!! Glad to see we cleaned up, but most importantly congrats to my baby Batten - we worked hard this year, and you got what you deserved, so proud!! Special mentions also to Karim, Basquil and ProActive - here's to an even bigger, even better 2007!! Big grin

From: Technikal on 12th Feb 2007 04:06.11
Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and congrats to everybody who picked up an award! Some truly deserved stuff there, especially to Greg and Addiction. Definately think MDA & Spherical deserved to win best producer though!

From: Lizzie Curious on 12th Feb 2007 16:52.59
Well done everyone!
Hurrah for Prehab - I'm really looking forward to spinning for you guys in March!

From: Dickon Laws on 16th Feb 2007 17:12.33
Get in Greg. Its what we always had planned - we're no longer brothers in arms but it was my pleasure to work with you during those fledgling months - so deserved and hope it goes from strength to strength for you! Love bruv.

From: Clumzeykid on 23rd Feb 2007 23:34.23
Go PartyProActive

From: sub zero on 10th Mar 2007 20:36.30

From: hard_house_baby on 20th Mar 2007 13:20.04
well done to twist winning so many awards hehe yuor the best Smile

From: cyber-soldier on 25th Mar 2007 11:53.01

From: Maria on 28th Apr 2007 12:48.48

From: KonKave on 8th Nov 2007 20:52.01
Sick wit it!

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