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Coburn bring their live show to UP^^

Reported by benz / Submitted 20-02-07 02:01

Pete Martin and Tim Healey both have a rich and diverse history in dance music, having enjoyed various successes in the industry since they first appeared working on goa trance projects in the mid-90s. Most memorably, Martin made lush prog, trance and deep breaks as the latter half of Cass & Slide with tracks like ‘Perception’ on Additive true classics, while Healey worked on numerous psy/goa trance projects and at one point, with Nick Sentience. But with their latest project Coburn, established in 2003, it seems that they have really found something to dedicate their full efforts to.

With their huge, euphoric electro-meets-rock anthem ‘We Interrupt This Programme’ in 2005, they captured the attention of all corners of the dance music press and scored one of the biggest tracks of the year that still gets massive reactions today. They haven’t been prolific since then — but what they have put out has been all about the quality, not quantity. In 2007 however, they look set to grab more headlines than ever.

Following on from collaborations with Anne Savage in her Dumb Blonde guise on the very cool Great Stuff Recordings, and carefully selected remixes for the likes of Tomcraft, Freelance Hellraiser, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell, Coburn are coming on strong this year, with their debut mix compilation ‘Fronteir Vol.1’ due for release in a few weeks, followed by their first full-length artist album in May. We spoke with the guys ahead of the ‘Fronteir’ launch at UP^^: The Spring Ball at Turnmills on March 3rd, where they will perform a live show along with a little help from their friends.

Coburn — why the name?

We had the idea for the name one evening, and by the following morning he had died — no shit. We took it as an omen that the name was the right one for us, and that we had been chosen to carry the torch.

Ah James Coburn the actor! How and why did you first start making music? Was it a winning combination from the off?

P: We met in Paris at a music festival in the late 90s and hit it off. Then, Tim popped up like a pixie in the studio one day and suggested doing a track together. We realized very quickly that we were on a similar wavelength, having both had backgrounds in indie guitar bands and having moved through house music, so decided to form a band and make it our sole focus. Several years later we still haven’t killed each other and are going strong — despite the fact that we often work Monday to Friday in the studio with each other, and then spend the whole weekend together on tour in some far-flung country.

Your influences are obviously very diverse... but who have been the most important artists, producers and bands in shaping your sound?

T: Wow. We are avid music heads and collectors with encyclopaedic music libraries. We draw our influence as much, if not more, from music as diverse as Iggy Pop and Spiritualised to Air and David Bowie. We love good music, doesn’t matter if it is Amy Winehouse or TC — as long as it is all quality.

If you were forced — say at knifepoint — to describe your sound, what would you label it? Go on, stick one to the genre police!

P: F**ked up pop music
T: Kick-ass club sounds.

Tim, you once released a track with Nick Sentience on Nukleuz called ‘Feel Surreal’. Were you heavily into the hard dance scene or was it more of a flirtation?

P: He was heavily into the hard sex scene — he’s never been into hard dance, or so he assures me.

T: Something like that. No — Nick is a hugely talented producer, and for a while we did some tunes together which did really well, but I just got more and more tired of the high bpms. Curiously I do like tasty drum n bass, but now can’t stand hard dance when it is techno/trance/hard house etc etc.

You’ve collaborated in the past with hard dance star Anne Savage (aka electro/breaks minx Dumb Blonde). How did this hook-up come about and do you have more plans to work together in the future?

P: That came about as Anne was looking to change direction and was interested in getting involved in the breaks scene, which although is not really where we are, is still an area we’re connected with. We met her through friends, so decided to get in the studio.

T: Anne was a great giggle in the studio, and the Dumb Blonde tunes allowed us to dip our wick, so to speak, in the breaks scene.

You’ve played some very high profile gigs around the world: for the Two Tribes Tour in Australia, the Diesel Store launch party in Osaka and the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan to name a few. What have been your globetrotting highlights?

P: We’ve been really lucky to have played at these places, but Fuji Rock would have to be the highlight. It’s the world’s biggest rock festival after Glastonbury, and we have a special relationship with Japan — every time we play there it rocks.

T: Yeah, and Brazil leaps out as a territory I really enjoy visiting. Massive outdoor events, killer clubs, beaches, sun, caipirinhas, bikinis (I’m starting to glaze over).

UP^^: The Spring Ball on March 3rd will see you launch your compilation album, ‘Frontier Volume 1’ at Turnmills. What can we expect to hear from the album? Is it kind of half compilation, half LP?

P: The Frontier compilation is mixed by Coburn. It’s our favourite tracks from our label, Frontier. That’s what we’re launching on March 3rd.

T: But don’t forget our long awaited artist album — eponymously titled ‘Coburn’, which is coming out on super cool label-du-jour: Great Stuff in May. That is our first studio artist album, and though it features our club hits, it is more reflective of the wide variety of music styles we draw influence from.

How will your live set-up work? There’s so many combinations of instruments, hardware and software that can be used these days...

P: Our first live outings as Coburn were as a 5-piece rock band — Tim and I singing and playing guitar — and then keyboards, bass and drums. We have now gravitated to a more electronic set-up, which is more suited to the club environment, where a lot of our gigs are. We currently use 4 x Pioneer CDJ 1000s and 2 Pioneer mixers with a couple of laptops running Ableton and some general noise-making gear.

We see you are bringing some friends along to help you on the night. Who are they and why do you rate them?

P: Eddy Temple Morris has been a supporter of our music from the start, and has invited us to do several sessions on his XFM show. He’s a true example of someone who is in it for love of music, and he’s got great taste and is a killer DJ.

Tim met TC when DJing, and came back raving about his unique take on breaks and excellent studio productions.

T: I wanted the room to have a theme, and it is… The Dirty Beat Allstars. And they don’t get much dirtier than the line up you have before you. We do the electro-house party sounds and some breaks, Eddy goes from breaks to grime, and TC is da man if you know your drum n bass right now...

Turnmills is a legendary venue that has been part of London’s clubbing map for years now. What are your most memorable experiences from this den of debauchery?

T: We’ve played at Turnmills for years now. As a crew, they are hugely respectful and as a venue it is consistently rammed. We’ve had some plum gigs there — NYE with the Chems, playing with Timo Mass, and when I used to do the Rock Da World night there, we had some fab guests: Princess Superstar, Atomic Hooligan, Dirty Funker to name but a few...

You’ve worked on a few acclaimed remixes for the likes of artists as diverse as the Freemasons, Tomcraft, Cicada and Ferry Corsten. Was it a conscious decision to limit the number of remixes you do?

P: In a way, yes. When we got asked to remix Pharrell and Gwen Stefani, that wasn’t the sort of job we could turn down, but on the whole we try not to do too many... Otherwise you can very easily spend most of your life remixing other people’s records and never releasing your own.

Who else would you like to get your hands on? By the sounds of ‘Give Me Love/Razorblade’, a bit of Miss Minogue wouldn’t go amiss...

P: It’s always nice to get your hands on a Minogue...

T: Yes, we have an original 1974 mini-minogue in our studio. It’s very sexy, and makes surprisingly phat noises.

And the final burning question — if you had to choose between just DJing or live sets — which would you choose? Are you trainspotters or rockstars at heart?

P: Rockstars, definitely.

T: Do you want to stand in our shadow?

Photos courtesy of Jonathan at Get In PR. Not to be reproduced without permission.

UP^^ The Spring Ball
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 3rd March 2007
At: Turnmills [map]

From: 22:00 - 06:00
Cost: £12 Advance Tickets / £15 Before Midnight / More After
Ticket Info: Advance tickets £12 from 08700 600 100 /
For more information call 020 7247 4121 /
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate than the UP^^ Spring Ball! We may be in the depths of winter right now and feeling suitably glum, but come Saturday, March 3rd it’ll be time to throw off those winter blues, get dressed up and celebrate in style as UP^^ returns to Turnmills for our first party of 2007.

UP^^ became one of the most talked abut nights at Turnmills last year with our infectious brand of fiercely funky house; who can forget our last party back in November where Jon Pearn celebrated the chart success of Body Rox and UP^^ virgin Seamus Haji took the roof off and became a new hero for the UP^^ faithful. Omid16b, meanwhile, proved himself to be one of the most exciting talents around with a blistering set in the second room.

We’ve four parties planned at Turnmills this year and The Spring Ball should set things up nicely with a spectacular line-up that includes the Soul Avengerz, Robert Owens, Marc Hughes, Coburn and friends, resident Ben Dela-Peña and more in four rooms of music,

Soul Avengerz: The duo of Paul Gardner and Wayne O’Connell have become one of the hottest production and remix outfits in the last couple of years achieving chart success with tracks like ‘Don’t Let the Morning Come’ and ‘Sing’ for the mighty Positiva label. They’re pretty useful behind the decks too and will be bringing their funky and uplifting vocal house sound to Turnmills for a rare visit tonight.
Robert Owens: What more can be written about the man they call Robert Owens who is truly one of the influential and inspirational voices in house music with a career spanning 20 years. He’ll be headlining the second room with one of his unique DJ and vocal sets and quite possibly treating us to a few of his classic songs like ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’, ‘Tears’ and ‘Mine to Give’. His latest offerings like ‘Walk This Way’ prove he’s lost none of his magic touch either.

Marc Hughes: Marc has made his name as the Ministry of Sound’s resident both in London and on the international scene, and is known as one of the hardest working men in dance music and a proper gentleman. His productions have been gaining support too, both under his own name and as Hughes & Spier. Especially for UP^^, Marc will be making a one-off trip north of the Thames with his trademark drivin’ tech house grooves.

Coburn: The duo of Tim Healey and Pete Martin are no strangers to Turnmills but this will be the first they played for UP^^. It will be a pretty special occasion too as this will also be the launch party for their eagerly awaited debut album, ‘Frontier Volume 1’, a hybrid artist/mix affair which blends their best known tracks with unreleased material all in a special DJ mix.

With these guys on board it looks like the UP^^ Spring Ball is going to pick up where we left off in November and another packed house is fully anticipated. Joining the Soul Avengerz and Marc Hughes will be resident Ben Dela-Peña who’ll be closing the main room as always. Ben has made this set his own after some brilliant performances and 2007 looks set to be the year when he really begins to shine. Look out for his own Zipcode night too.

After a more progressive flavoured second room in November, we’ll be going back down the tough and funky house route as we welcome Hot & Spicy back to UP^^. These guys put on some of the best parties around town and have one of the most loyal and friendly crowds you’ll ever find, so they’ll fit the bill perfectly alongside Robert Owens as Liam D, John Paul, Nick Hudson, David Brinson, Errol Brown and Peter Andrews take over the decks.

Coburn take control in the third room for the official ‘Frontier Volume 1’ album launch party. Tim Healey and Pete Martin like their music underground, mutli-genre, cutting edge and loud, so they’ve enlisted the help of two their favourite DJs in Xfm’s Eddy Tempe-Morris and TC, one of the hottest talents in drum & bas, to help them flip the script. Ladies and gentlemen, we present The Dirty Beat Allstars – expect a party of epic proportions!

Finally, we welcome FUNKdeluxe and Xstatic Funky to the party as we give young DJs a chance to prove themselves upstairs in Topfloor. FUNKDeluxe and Xstatic Funky are two of the hottest crews in the Midlands right now with a dedicated following who’ll be joining them as they head down to London to show us what they’re all about. In fact, both crews will be represented across the whole club with Egoiste and Jimmy Dean respectively warming up the main room as well as supporting the Coburn album launch party in the third space.

With a line-up like this you know the UP^^ Spring Ball is going to be something special featuring only the freshest, sexiest and downright fiercest funky house around. Let’s not forget the stylish and sophisticated UP^^ crowd too who like dress up to get down and party like there’s no tomorrow. Join us at our spiritual home of Turnmills as we prepare to party till dawn – all you have to do is slip on your dancing shoes and make your way to the front. Saturday, March 3rd – the only way is UP^^, baby… dress to flirt!

For more information contact Will or Matthew at Politburo HQ on 020 7247 4121 /
Region: London
Music: House. Funky House.
DJ's: Main Room:

Soul Avengerz
Marc Hughes (Ministry of Sound)
Ben Dela-Peña (resident)
Egoiste (FUNKdeluxe)
Jimmy Dean (Xstatic Funky)

T2: Hosted by Hot & Spicy

Special guest: Robert Owens (DJ & vocal set)
Liam D
John Paul
Nick Hudson
David Brinson
Errol Brown
Peter Andrews

T3: Hosted by Coburn (album launch party)

The Dirty Beat Allstars featuring
Eddy Temple-Morris (Xfm)
Tristan Cameron


Rob Stanley
Simon Williams
James Mozolewski
Rory McCart
Frantik Dan

TOPFLOOR: Hosted by FUNKdeluxe vs Xstatic Funky

Pearce M
DJ Ketz
Steven Richards
Chris Howden
The 2 Happy DJs

Who's Going? (5) : benz, BrinnO, egoiste, Ilana B, robstanley 

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From: NickSentience on 20th Feb 2007 04:01.08

cheers for the big up, i did enjoy our studio sessions..

u r a true legend, would love to hear some of your tour stories soon

From: SleeplessAndy on 8th Mar 2007 12:12.36
Gah! Wish I'd seen this.

Mark Allen/Tim Healey productions rawxxxed...

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