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Antiworld 070707: Reviewed

Reported by VinDiesel / Submitted 19-09-07 02:27

Going to a festival the day after having a very large night out at Thirsty Thursdays probably isn’t the best start. However, that Friday morning I woke up still buzzing with anticipation at going to my first festival of the summer. In 1995 I attended my first ever festival — Glastonbury. Since then the summers seem to have been crammed with so many different music events, both in this country and Europe. I’ve taken a few of them in, including Lovebox, SW4 and the Phoenix festival. Now it was time to experience 070707...

This year was the first ever outdoor festival from the Antiworld guys and I especially chose to attend it for a few reasons. I went to my first ever Antiworld party back in 2001 with my good friends RussT, PaolaH and Luckyfuka, to try something different from the normal parties we were going to. I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the music and really good vibe and fun atmosphere fuelled by a loyal and regular following. I’ve attended a few more parties since then and experienced the same vibe. The past 18 months has seen myself developing a real liking for psychedelic trance music.

I’m very much new to this scene and very embarrassed to say that I hadn’t even heard of acts like Eskimo and Astrix until last year! I needed a really big party to give me a good large helping of psy trance and so Antiworld 070707 seemed the perfect choice!

Having been used to the very short trips to the clubs in the North and South London, it was different to get on a train (armed with a few drinkies Wink ) on the way down to the festival. 60 mins or so after leaving Waterloo, I arrived in Aldershot with it being a nice sunny day and up ahead I could see the groups of people with tents and sleeping bags ready for the weekend getting off.

I’m sure that I had read the instructions for getting to the festival site and had a Google map of it but I went straight for a taxi… which somehow managed to get lost on the way to the site! What I wasn’t aware of was that there were actually buses being run from Aldershot station to the Antiworld site. This may have been mentioned on the information that we got on the tickets or on the Antiworld site… but I thought it may have been helpful for us, to see someone holding a banner or sign, pointing to where the Antiworld buses were leaving from. Like I said, the taxi driver wasn’t sure which direction the main site was, so we travelled down the road for the artists entrance… and were told to go back down road that was closed but was actually shut to prevent the general public coming in… not us!

After that little detour, I finally managed to get to the site and was greeted by friendly ticket staff, got my band and went through security. I have to remark that all the staff on the site from the security, vendors etc. were relaxed and friendly.

I got into the main site and started walking around. The site was smaller than I thought it would be, but I didn’t mind this too much… because I would thought I might truly knacker myself out from loads of walking and stomping! I was surprised however not to see an individual festival guide. I became aware of the fact that there were a lot of changes in line-ups, but an overall map of the site and where the main tents and what music they were featuring would still have been very useful. Having walked around, got my bearings and checked where the main tents were, I stopped at the main Stage A — psy trance. It was Friday afternoon, the sun was shining, there was no sign of rain and everyone was smiling and dancing away. Ah bliss, a great start to this festival.

The sun kept shining into a lovely Friday evening and as I wandered round the tents I thought about everybody slogging home from work (he he!). Bumping into some smiling regular faces from HarderFaster was cool, including MiniClubber, Disco Diva, K.A.R.L. and Ashley James. One tent I had great fun in and heard good music was Stage C, featuring electro, breaks, house and techno. Featuring in this tent that evening were acts from Archangel and Firefly. The DJs representing these promotions were playing some fierce tunes which sounded mighty good to me… even with an MC!

I couldn’t believe how good the weather was! Having feared that it would rain like it had at Glastonbury a couple of weeks earlier, we were very lucky. However, the festival still wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, which was a shame. Despite — or perhaps because of this — there was a really friendly crowd. What made it extra special for me was that I saw party goers with kids, walking along or in day glo prams.

One thing I love about festivals is all the different stalls, not only offering various kinds of food and drinks, but all sorts of things from t-shirts, camping gear to kinky club wear! After having a good old wander round these, I arrived at the next tent for the start of the Party Proactive sessions.

PP for me has been one of the discoveries of the past year — a superb party with outstanding line ups and great music. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole night, but I enjoyed great music from Jacob Moss, K.A.R.L. and the others there.

I finally have to admit that I’m a bit of wuss and didn’t want to camp at Antiworld. Probably a fear of Glastonbury-like weather put me off this. But with hindsight, the weather was perfect and friends were just arriving Friday evening when I left. I wished I’d stayed!

Before leaving the site on Friday evening, I went over to the psy trance stage, where the music and action were really hotting up. Chakra was playing the track ‘Underground’ — live! The sound was excellent: not too over-loud and quite reaching and clear. I was bouncing around between the front of the stage and then over to the back! Oooh the psy trance music was very hypnotic and many friends with offers of beers and places to sleep were trying to twist my arm to stay, but sadly I had to go.

But come back I did on Saturday with my partner in crime, Cocker Franiel! I’d told her about the great vibe, superb music and crowd at Antiworld parties. Another veteran of many festivals, she was suitably impressed and enjoyed herself that day.

Coming back in, we effortlessly passed through the security, who were not only professional but also give us a warm friendly welcome. The weather was defying typical British festival standards and the sun stayed out, superb!

However, the site still wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. I really thought there would be more people coming but the friendly crowd was still there and my good friends and Cocker Franiel with me, so I was happy!

We decided to do the wander round and this time took in the green chill tent. This was a great area to chill out. We were lying down in the lovely bean bags drinking chai tea… dozzinn… zzz zzz… NO! Right, there was music to be heard, so we were soon on our way!!

Again I wasn’t sure what the line-ups were planned for the 2nd day so it was a matter of seeing each tent in turn. I think it would have been good to have a big poster or map at the entrance with a line up over all the main stages, so you’d know what to expect as you come in. Some people may say that you can plan too much and be too ‘organized’ for a festival. But I recently heard Judge Jules saying how to make the most out of festivals and that included going in with an idea of set times, seeing the acts you wanted to see, but also trying out acts you wouldn’t normally want to see in a club. I did this, taking in more action from the tent with electro/breaks. I think this may have been the closed one… C? Again tents should at least have been labelled.

I thought Insekt were hosting one of the tents and had been expecting to see the guys in there. Again I had to go and look at the line-ups and see that Pendragon were actually hosting the tent. That was a bit disappointing and I’m sure gave many clubbers a bit of confusion as to what was going on. Again, maybe some general posters saying the last minute change of acts would have been helpful. Not that I was disappointed by Pendragon. I’ve been to a couple of their parties and had great fun! Cocker Franiel was sitting down outside, whilst I had a quick good old blasting stomp to some quality hard house and trance! It was great to see more friends turn up including Kevstar, Mike Harris and Ashley James. Adam Symbiosis and Matt, sorry we never got to meet up!

It was time for another wander and we stopped off at the stalls for a massage. A nice friendly girl chatted to us whilst giving a great massage. I must say all the stall vendors we met were so friendly and chatty, that all adds to a great festival experience.

Over to the psy trance stage and yes that had to be one of my favourites. Astrix was playing and oh my god was he ripping it up. After bumping into Tina Martin and having a chat, I was soon flying around full steam like a nutter. God that music was just AWESOME! I was having a crash course in psy trance music. Goodness me, all those years ago when I went to my first Antiworld, at SE1, when I met my good friend Shom, I would leave her in the psy trance room. I dismissed the music as being hippy stuff and disappeared off. Shame on me — how I missed out!

Luckily for me Cocker Franiel was soon taken by the great vibe of Antiworld. The tents we saw provided a great diversity of music, with some lovely stalls to feed and entertain you as well. On the face of it, I am glad I went. I rate this festival over Glastonbury — maybe because I relate more to the music and the people at Antiworld. I loved the atmosphere, the lack of attitude and drunken dickheads and the fact there were people with kids and babies in day glo prams!!

There are of course some things which could be done better. Logistically — like providing clubbers with adequate information of what’s going on, maps of where stages are, who’s playing and especially any last minute changes. You shouldn't be afraid to tell people that DJs can’t make it. OK, it’s gutting if the act you wanted to see can’t make it, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan! Location wise, the site was great, being just 40 mins from London — hence why I was lazy enough not to want to stay. Next time, I think I’ll stay. Watch out for me and come say hello, I’ll be the one pushing the day glo pram!

Photos courtesy of Adam Symbiosis and Daf. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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The views and opinions expressed in this review are strictly those of the author only for which HarderFaster will not be held responsible or liable.

From: Mizz_behavin on 19th Sep 2007 21:17.34
Despite all the problems, I had a fantastic weekend, many funny moments with the rest of the Proactive crew Heartbeat
Roll on 080808 Thumbs up

From: Daf on 19th Sep 2007 23:34.57
I'd been having a dire couple of weeks leading up to it and wasn't expecting to enjoy myself - but the great weather and music picked me up a treat Big grin

From: Maria on 20th Sep 2007 11:38.37
A very good and honest review, and nice to see you making positive comments as to how improvements could be made. Many thanks for that!!! Mmmwwah!

From: VinDiesel on 20th Sep 2007 13:40.44
Thanks Maria for your feedback. I tried to describe our experience at the Festival with objective comments. I do hope there is an Antiworld festival next year, which I will definately go to Thumbs up

From: Dj Kristian on 20th Sep 2007 14:33.31
it was a top festival esp for the psy Trance we Dejavoo and myself dj Kristian really enjoyed playing@ this event.And the weather was tops.Thanks to enri and crew

From: Frank E on 20th Sep 2007 20:31.01
Good review mate. Shame you missed Insekt, it was the same stage as PP, Firefly, Pendragon and despite going for the psy I spent a lot of time there, I only wish I could be a little more omnipresent as there wasn't a stage or promotion where the line-up was less than fantastic. My mates bailed (baled?) from coming due to a wedding so I was really dreading going on my own and was going to bail myself. Really glad I didn't as those fears rapidly diminished when I got there and met an up-for-it friendly crowd. I'd a wicked time at the festival, great people, great music, loved the site, really enjoyed it and I'm still in touch with many of the people I met..
Here's to a next year.

From: antiworld on 21st Sep 2007 13:49.43
Thanks a lot for the wicked review and the great comments.
yes the festival has been very difficult for us but we have learned from the lesson and next year it will be 100 times better
see you all soon
enrico / antiworld

From: Steve Twist on 22nd Sep 2007 14:59.46
if only VinDiesel could reproduce himself a few thousand times clubland would be a much nicer, happier, healtheir place.
Nice 1 chris.

From: Cocker Franiel on 22nd Sep 2007 19:29.36
Hello - that seems like a fair review and I get a few mentions!! I am famous now! Yes the 3 of us will go next year XXX

From: ~deleted10909 on 23rd Sep 2007 19:09.55
Good, honest feedback on the festival. Will help make the 2008 one even better!

From: Safe As Fuck on 24th Sep 2007 17:41.29
Nice review Chris, you should definitely have stayed the night and had a few beers with us!

Antiworld was my first festival and I loved every minute of it. The weather was spot on and Psy Trance was a new and exciting direction for me. It has made me want to do lots of Psy events now. Definitely gonna go next year. See you all there!

From: Mike Harris on 1st Oct 2007 13:10.14
Had a lotta of fun, i specifically went up for pp and K.A.R.L.'s set, K.A.R.L, Marco Bailey, John Askew & DJ Preach were amazing, great music and great technical skill, all of these dj's are just superb at reading the crowd and playing great tunes!

Thx to Paul and the pp crew for a great time!

From: lucidscreamz on 1st Oct 2007 15:57.20
yo, to enrico ross qwai and crew,
lucid here, i was working at anti world for archangel, i had a wonderful time, and didnt play no tunez either, weather was just right when it needed to be, top festie, the music was great the venue was ideal the only err was the dodgy sewage company, i ended up doing the litter on my jaxie for over a week later due to that sewage company ruining the end of it, hey teethin problems, that is whgat happens and then you get it sorted, init, good luck with every anti world gig you have my support and enthusiasm ....vetren festie trubbleshoota ....lucidscreamz


From: dj onrush on 6th Oct 2007 13:33.31
what a wicked review, i hope to see u guys at astrix and friends
peace and respect always

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