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Dejavoo go back to the future

Reported by Tara / Submitted 23-07-08 19:07

London-based live psy trance project Dejavoo is the project of Gibraltan-born DJ Kristian — also A&R of Transient Records — and DJ Kalimamboh — aka Plastic Vibe. One of the most popular live acts in London’s vibrant psy scene, these days they’re more often found at festivals abroad than in the UK. Having just launched their first artist album, the awesome ‘Future Shock’ on Transient, they’ve recently finished remixes of Astrix’s ‘Incoming’, Eskimo’s ‘My Rave’ and Krunch’s ‘The Show’ and are currently working on tracks with Nick Sentience, Chris Liberator and S Range, as well as gearing up to support Infected Mushroom at We Love Infected 001 on Saturday 9 August. We managed to catch them between festivals for a quick chat...

You’ve just got back from an amazing time at Ireland’s Life Festival and have a hectic few weeks coming up! What’s been going on in the world of Dejavoo recently and what plans do you have for the rest of this summer?

Well summer has turned up to be great for us. After the album release we have had a great response, especially in Portugal and Germany, the two biggest scenes in Europe in terms of festivals and numbers. We will be playing in Switzerland in a castle in Messoco, twice in Portugal, including the official after-Boom party and for Space Nomads, the legendary Vuuv in Germany and Paradise Park festival in Amsterdam. Last week we did the awesome Life Festival in Ireland, which seems to be growing by year and the response to our set was fantastic.

Neither of you are originally from the UK but you now call London your home. For those who don’t know you, could you please tell us a bit about your backgrounds and how you ended up in London town?

Kristian: Well I am originally from Gibraltar and I came to study at Cardiff Uni Institute of Wales in 95 and was coming down on weekends regularly to visit my friends who lived in London and going to psy trance parties at the Fridge, Return to the Source, Other World, Science Fiction, Tyssen Street etc. When I finished in 97 I came down to live in London with my friends from Gibraltar who were and are in well known metal/rock bands (One Minute Silence and Breed 77) and introduced me to psy trance events in 95, so it was party party all the way till I started DJing in 2000 and organising Chichime parties in 99 with a bunch of well known London DJs, so it was more party party....

Francesco: I am originally from Sardinia, Italy, and came to the UK late 1999 to work as a chef. In 2000 I started to go to Chichime Parties; I really liked the music there, it was very powerful. There I met Kristian and the following month I got my decks. In 2003 I started to learn the trade of production, but I only started to collaborate with Kristian in 2004 and take production seriously. The first two years were very hard as I was working 50 hrs a week as a chef and couldn't spend too much time in the studio, plus it took time to bring the skills and the equipment to decent standards...

What inspired you both to start DJing? Did you always know you wanted to work in the music industry or was it something you slowly gravitated towards over the years?

Kristian: Well hanging around listening to DJs at those early psy events (Mark Allen, Tsuyoshi, James Monro, Loll from Otherworld, Christos, Chrisbo, Kuma, Baraka etc. etc.) and having friends who use to DJ psy like Glenn Diani aka Zen (from once famous metal Band One Minute Silence) and Deep Psy (Gleb from Chichime) gave me the opportunity to get interested.

Francesco: I did start only for fun and still enjoy it a lot. I am a creative person so really like to push my imagination and work on the form to shape my ideas; but I've never planned to take things that far...

Who or what would you consider your biggest musical influences over the years? And now?

Kristian: That’s a long one and almost a complete journey of genres, to make it short. My first experiences at 15 years of age were with Simple Minds, Talk Talk, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Tears for Fears etc. in other words early electronic and new wave bands. Then I got into progressive and rock like Rush, Marillion (with Fish), Yes, Genesis, U2, Dire Straits, Men at Work and of course Pink Floyd then goth bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Mission, The Cult, The Cure etc. A little metal/rock and grunge like Led Zep, Black Sabbath, The Who, Queensryche, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More, Senser and then into early dance/indie like The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, The Prodigy, Underworld, Fluke, Utah Saints, Chemical Bros etc. Then I discovered psy trance.

Francesco: I've always liked powerful groovy and cleaver music; my main influences are Sepultura (with the Cavalera brothers formation), Metallica, Pantera; Rage against the Machine, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Prodigy, Ennio Morricone, Giorgio Moroder and most of the 70s and 80s disco and alternative music.

For Dejavoo I believe our influences in psy are Astrix, Eskimo, Krunch, Xi, Domestic, Wrecked Machines and GMS. These are some of the artist in psy we believe have the top hi tec production and ideas. We also take a lot from artists outside the scene like Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Jean Micheal Jarre, Georgio Moroder, Gary Numan and prog /electr/tec and tribal house. And we’re influenced by movies like Apocalypse Now, Scarface, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Good Fellas, Football Factory, Sexy Beast, Das Boot etc. and directors like Sergio Leone, Stanley Kubrick, Tarantino, Scorsese, F.Ford Coppola, Spielberg, Hayao Miazaghi and Pixar Studios.

How did you first meet and when did you decide to start making music together?

Kristian: Well Francesco used to come to Chichime and some of the London events where I was DJing. He used to come up and chat then he got into DJing and music production and we both got together for a laugh to make a psy bootleg of the storm track classic ‘Time to Burn’, the rest is history…

Why the name Dejavoo? Is it a feeling you get often?!

Because in music like in life you'll experience common places or repeating feelings, but any time you face them again they get a new flavor — basically a repetition of situations just combined in a different way, like the music we make. A combination of different flavours arranged in a particular way to give you the sensation of knowing it but experience it as new; in other words, Dejavoo all over again....

When you were featured in the DJmag Fantastic Four last March, you described your sound as “deep melodic electro psy-trance”, yet your new album sound quite techy in places and is certainly wicked full-on dance floor material! How would you describe the Dejavoo sound these days?

Well it’s a combination of all those terms... FullonTecElectroDeepMelodic and 100%driving psy... he he.

You’ve recently released your new album, ‘Future Shock’ — one hell of an achievement! What were your aims when you first set out to make an album and do you feel you achieved them? Was there any particular concept behind the album or was it a matter of trying to fit as many of your favourite productions on there as possible?

The target behind the album was to make powerful driving dance floor charged music trying to keep it as open as possible but with a constant deep feeling. Our main target was to make it sound heavy but simple easy but fulfilling to listen to, mainly smart dance music, touching a wide spectrum of styles: electo, techno, trance, deep, funky, groovy, melodic and even some decadent disco vibes at times...

We also took good care in selecting all the vocal samples we use in our tracks, normally they will define the mood of a piece and all the messages , words and music complement each others seamlessly in our productions.

The tracks on ‘Future Shock’ are already tried and tested at dancefloors all over the world from Brazil (Xxxperience), Ireland (life Festival), Denmark (Middle Earth), Germany (Full Moon), Slovakia and of course Antiworld in London. Surely this is a perfect way for producers to experiment with their new tracks?! Were some tracks more successful in different places than others?

Yes we get different responses in different places. The darker full power ones seem to go better in more underground events and the bouncy cheeky melodic ones at the more club orientated events. The nice thing about our sets is that touching different styles and moods keeps the dancefloor interested and willing to follow....

You must have had a lot of fun over this time, were there any gigs in particular that stand out?

Yes quite a few...Xxxperience in Brazil in front of 34.000, The Brixton Academy Antiworld was great as usual. Both this year’s and last years at Life Festival in Ireland were also great, Illuminaughty in Madchester and Zogg in Sheffield, Ninja Hippies in Bristol, Psy-co in Portsmouth, and Visions of Nexus in Hanover Germany. In London, Psy Invasion, Roots and an early Dejavoo set at a Venom squat as well as a few others too many to mention…

One of the tracks on ‘Future Shock’ is called ‘The Preacher’. Are either of you religious or do you believe god is a DJ? What was the inspiration behind this track?

‘The Preacher’ is a denunciation against power and control. In politics as in religion, those in power use it to influence and dictate your way of thinking, and will punish and persecute whoever is different... It's amazing that in history and humankind, "religion ", "freedom "and "progress" are excuses for death and destruction.

I hear the album was made in Francesco’s studio in London. What software and hardware did you use? Did you have a favourite piece of kit?

Our set up is composed of a PC running Nuendo 3, Motu 828 MK2 sound card, Novation midi keyboard/controller and Dynaudio BM6A active power speaker monitors. Our favourite piece of equipment apart from our ears are the Dynaudio monitors, we can't function without them!

You launched ‘Future Shock’ at a very packed Psy Invasion party a few weeks ago and the only time I stopped dancing through your set was to try and take some photos (although it was too bloody hot so they are a little blurry…)! Was the response in London as good as in other countries? You’ve definitely got an album full of dancefloor stormers, which tracks do you reckon went down the best at the album launch?

Well at the album launch we were really excited as it was the first time we played our remixes of Astrix, Eskimo and Krunch as well as our collaboration with Nick Sentience, and I reckon they all got a massive reaction since i think they were fresh to a lot of the people that hear us regularly. I remember a massive roar on the Eskimo remix of ‘My Rave’, and another at a break down in the Astrix remix when the B line kicks back in on its own stripped to the bone.

As well as playing tunes from ‘Future Shock’ at Psy Invasion, you also played your wicked new remix of Astrix’s ‘Incoming’, Eskimo’s ‘My Rave’ and Krunch’s ‘The Show’ for the first time. How did these remixes come about and how do you think you’ve improved on the originals? What do you reckon makes a good remix?

Well the idea actually started when I DJed at Psy-co with Astrix. In the morning when we were heading back to London Avi asked me how it was going with Dejavoo and if we wanted to remix one of his tracks and simultaneously at this time Anthony Silfors from S Range asked to remix one of our tracks, so I asked him if Dejavoo could remix one of his, then me and Fran thought: “Hang on, why don’t we ask some artist who we know and admire if we can remix them?!” The rest... well its all coming together slowly.

Remixing is one the things we really enjoy to do, especially when you work with your favourite artist's tracks. When we remix we always try to keep all the elements that make that track special but present it in a different way, giving it a new flavour. We never start with the aim of improve a masterpiece, for us it's all about showing a different point of view spiced with our recipe. A good remix has a very simple rules: keep all the elements that make that track special and unique and incorporate your way of telling the story....

You’re currently working on a track with Nick Sentience and have remixes in the pipeline with Chris Liberator and S Range. How are those going and what other tracks do you have on the go?

Well yes we finished a track with Nick Sentience called ‘Los Tres Gringos’. If you listen to the track you will see why we called it ‘Los 3 Gringos’. We we’ll also remix a Nick Sentience track called ‘Intelligence’, one from S Range, one from Chris Liberator, one from Eject and one artist from the Dacru Stables in Belgium — either Digicult or Ephedrix and maybe Triptych from France. More info coming soon…

Kristian you’re also A&R for well established psy label Transient Records and Francesco I’ve seen you out at a few psy clubs checking out the talent ;-) What up and coming DJs and producers have caught your ears lately?

Well DJs in the UK like Matt Lorainne, Greg and Dill, Zogg, Zefer, Gaba, Monster, Nazareth, Sonique, Andy Leppard, Zeus, Metaphase, Sutek, Ashley James and some of the Magnetrixx and Ninja Hippies DJs. In Europe Qed from Switzerland.

Up and coming producers are Ephedrix from Belgium, Nick Sentience although very established, is new to the psy scene and is making some impressive full on here in the UK. Compressor and M-Klome are also ones to watch.

In addition to the Dejavoo live set, you also both DJ, you as your good self Kristian and Francesco as Kalimamboh and Plastic Vibe. How (if at all) does your music change DJing under different names? What’s been happening in your solo careers lately?

Kristian: Well when I DJ I play a bit of UK psy and some underground stuff, as well as the above mentioned high tec full on production stuff which we’re influenced from. I’ll be DJing at various festivals in Europe this summer including Boom. Also at after Boom, Kalimamboh will play a DJ set as well as us both playing Dejavoo live.

When Kalimamboh is not busy with Dejavoo he likes to work on his solo productions, and he’sslowly slowly getting into concept digital art and some video editing. Check out the ‘Cyclone’ video on You Tube:

Over the last few years you’ve both achieved a hell of a lot, individually and together as Dejavoo. Do you have any goals for the future? Any idea where you’d like to be in five years time?

Well we’d love to be at the top of the psy trance scene. We believe we have the requirements for a sort of electronic band under another guise — that would be great, as well as an electro tribal house project. These could be plans for the future. Making soundtracks for movies and music for adverts would be a dream come true.

You’ve mixed up some awesome tracks in the studio over the years. What’s each of your favourite non-fail cocktails to mix up behind the bar?

Kristian: Chocolate and Bannana Molotov.

Francesco: B52.

You’ve supported Infected before and will do so again at We Love Infected 001. Why do you love Infected Mushroom? And what can your fans expect from your DJ set on August 9?

Infected Mushroom are in a league apart from many electronic acts, with incredible production, a massive sound and they’re unique performers. They are the heavyweights in our scene; for us it's always a honour and a pleasure to support them at the huge Antiworld events.

Photo by Chix and Dejavoo. Not to be reproduced without permission.

We Love Infected 001
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Saturday 9th August
At: The Coronet [map]

From: 21.00 - 07.00
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Antiworld In Collaboration With Coast II Coast Present:
We Love Infected 001 - The Launch Party!
The Summer Session!
Saturday 09 August 2008
Blast Off : 09.00pm - Re-Entry : 07.00am
@ The London Coronet Theatre
26-28 New Kent Road, Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 6TJ!!!
(Plus After Hour @ The Factory / Vauxhall)!!!

2200 Capacity Venue!
4 Rooms Of Music!
4 International Live Acts!
The Best Sound System!
Massive Lighting And Laser Show!
3D Decors!

Music Styles:
"Rock & Rave"
Psychedelic Rock,
Future Electronic Music,
Psychedelic Trance,
Psychedelic Hard Dance,
Minimal Techno,
London Techno,
Psy Breaks,
Chill Out...

Headliners Main Stage:
Infected Mushroom Live Concert (Full Band Live Show With 4 Members)
Amit Duvdevani (Singer) / Erez Eisen (Keyboards)
Rogerio Jardim (Drums) / Erez Netz (Guitar)!!!

Psy Craft - UK Album Launch (HOMmega Productions)
DJ Lestat (Aka Talamasca France)
Compressor Live (24/7 Records Australia)
Dejavoo DJ Set (Transient Records UK)

Chris Liberator 3 Hrs Set!!!


Antiworld Production For This Event Will Be:
Sound = Greg The Sound Man =
Lighting = Halo Live =
Lasers = Nexus =
3D Decors = Orchid House =
Visuals = Frolic Productions =
Performance On Stage = Kwalilox = & Trancel8rs =

Antiworld has 150 tickets available as compensation for 777 Festival goers as a thank you for their understanding and continued support. If you want more information regarding these tickets, visit our website, email us on or call us direct on +447793219497
Words By Tara (

Photos By:
Miss Vickie
Adam Symbiosis
and many others...please check the full gallery on
Also check the online radio
Special Thanks to and

More Info:


Contacts & Info-Tickets:
Antiworld Box Office: +442083658918
Infoline: +447793219497
Email: /
Websites : /

Ticket Prices:
£ 20.00 + BF = Sold Out!
£ 25.00 + BF = Selling Now Til July 20
£ 30.00 + BF = From July 20 Til August 09
(All While Stock Last)!!!
More Thereafter....

Official Online Shop:

More Official Online Ticket Outlets:

Antiworld Box Office [London] 02083658918, 07793220710 (Buy 10 get 1 free)
Ticket Web [24 Hours] 08444772000
Cyberdog [Camden] 02074822842
Psychedelic Dream Temple [Camden] 02072678528
Farcyde Shop [Camden] 07933311772
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Hexagon [Camden] 02074858395
Kinetec Records [West End] 02073235303
Absolute Tickets [West End] 02073794422
Wellington [Everywhere] 07917877129
Rafael [Everywhere] 07944546820

Please Note That ONLY In The Office There Will Be The Offer Buy 10 Tickets & Get One Free!!!

Next Official Antiworld Events In 2008:
Astrix & Friends 004 /
Infecting The UK 004 /
More Details To Come Soon...

Antiworld Ibiza Summer 2008...More Info Soon!!!

See You All @ We Love Infected 001!!!
Region: London
Music: Trance. Acid Trance. Euro Trance. Hard Trance. Tech Trance. Psy Trance. Nu NRG. Hi NRG. HardStyle. Funky House. Hard House. Prog House. Tribal House. Electro House. Acid House. Tech House. Acid Techno. Deep Techno. Funky Techno. Minimal Techno. Techno. Breaks. Commercial Dance. Electro. Indie. Rock. Metal.
DJ's: Headliners Main Stage:
Infected Mushroom Live Concert (Full Band Live Show With 4 Members)
Amit Duvdevani (Singer)
Erez Eisen (Keyboards)
Rogerio Jardim (Drums)
Erez Netz (Guitar)!!!

Psy Craft - UK Album Launch (HOMmega Productions)
Talamasca DJ Set (Aka DJ Lestat France)
Compressor Live (24/7 Records Australia)
Dejavoo DJ Set (Transient Records UK)

Chris Liberator 3 Hrs Set!!!


Arnold B (Brazil)!!!

Main Stage:
Hosted By : Antiworld In Collaboration With Coast II Coast:
Music Style : "Rock & Rave", Psychedelic Trance, Future Music, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Hard Dance!!!

Talamasca DJ Set (Aka DJ Lestat)
Dejavoo DJ Set
Gaba Vs Sutekh (Brazil Vs UK)
Metaphase Vs Zeus (Italy Vs South Africa)
Matt Loraine Vs Andi Leppard (UK)
Lorenzo Vs Sonique (Brazil Vs India)

Second Room:
Hosted By : Teknoworld London Vs Technoelement Austria
Music Style : London Techno & Acid Techno:

Chris Liberator 3 Hrs Set!!!
Miss Rodez ( Slovak Republic)
Joakim Aka Van Bass Vs Errol Dix (Technoelement Austria)
Julian Gas (Maximum Minimum Antiworld)
Kai_1 (Tribal Medicine Antiworld Debut)
Ross Eden Vs Roo
DJ Kymo Vs Miss Mouse (Koncrete Antiworld Debut)!

Third Room:
Hosted By : City Breaks & Archangel Events
Music Style : Break Beat & Psy Breaks:

Freshold (Archangel^)
Hoffman Vs Model 101 (Archangel^)
mr white Featuring Kwalilox (Antiworld / Archangel^)!!!
DJ Peace (Unite Radio)
DJ Sati (Carnage)
Neil Pepi (Antiworld)

Fourth Room:
Hosted By : Zelophobia Party
Music Style : Minimal Techno

Arnold B (Brazil)
Diego cK (Italy)
Felipe Moura (Brazil)
Fabry_D (Barcelona)
Kristina (Italy)
Wesley Razzy (Brazil)
D.A.M Mast

Who's Going? (40) : andi jarred, antiworld, Ashley James, Claire99, CLK, Dean Zone, DJ Julian Gas, Dubster, Essential_Crew, Fabry, Frank E, HelloKitty, Jessica Alici, Korg, KrAzB, MacLoud, madjojo, Maria, Matt, Miss Mouse, Mizz_behavin, ORPHEUS, paul jack, Peace, Ped, phil lankester, reza6159, sao, Scanwise, sowilo, Spud, Sutekh, szatan, Tara, Toxigen, ViKa, vitaly, Whatever!!, Zeus, ~deleted10909 
HF Photographer: Claire99 HF Reviewer:

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From: Kiko on 24th Jul 2008 15:48.22
Great interview with Kris and Francesco!
All the best guys! Regards from Brazil! Thumbs up

From: Maria on 25th Jul 2008 14:50.02
Dejavoo always rocks at Antiworld Events! Really nice interview by Tara as usual! Miss you all guys.
Greetings from Brazil as well! mmmwwwhhaaaaa

From: Astraltraveller on 25th Jul 2008 17:18.18
Add your comments here !Wonderfull stuff... The album is great. We will be waiting for those re mixed tracks.The news from Life Festival is that they rocked the socks of my friends. So you better play erm in London cos its our first time out in a while, Baby sitter booked !!!

From: PSYLICIOUS on 26th Jul 2008 00:55.54
Good read and great set on our radio show too Wink

From: Ashley James on 1st Aug 2008 09:37.51
Fat. Cheers for the mention Kris. Nuff respect innit

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