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Approach the Thr3shold

Reported by HarderFaster / Submitted 08-10-08 21:15

With some top class trance already under their belts alongside remixes for and support from some key scene players, Thr3hold’s rise has been quick. Now with appearances across South America, it’s only a matter of time before they explode worldwide! Having watched them over the past year HarderFaster was keen to find out what else they had coming up to excite the worldwide trance scene with.

You have a very unique spelling to your stage name. Why is this and how did you decide on the name?

Apart from the obvious influence on seeing threshold on every compressor, we were interested in the meaning of the word, the beginning of something new. We have always feel attracted into the mysteries of the unknown. The number 3 is only a way to make the word more fun and visually different, but sometimes it only works to make people write our name really badly!

You met each other in 2002. How did you first meet up?

Deathmind: I was making hard dance events here in Buenos Aires and Agustin (Mr V) came to the first party I did. One week later he emailed me though a forum and we got together. He was producing nrg trance like Lab 4 and Weirdo and when I listened to his tunes I was so amazed I booked him in for my next party to play a live performance of his tracks.

What were you both doing before you joined forces?

Mr V: As Diego said, I had an nrg trance solo project, but I was also doing other stuff like ambient, house, tribal, drum & bass. With Thr3shold I’ve returned to trance sound.

Deathmind: I was resident in my own parties called Riseup! sharing the decks with talented local underground DJs, the music went from tech house, techno, trance, hard and psy.

It was only after a few months together you signed your first track to Couture. How did this come about and how did it feel?

Mr V: Claudia contacted us after she heard a bootleg mix of Fatboy Slim / Star69 we did, after a few months we sent her Timeless and she wanted to sign it, back then it was a good start, but now I really hate that track! Haha!

Deathmind: I think that’s logical because we have changed our sound a lot and I guess we are hard to please!

It was probably your remix of Cowgirl that really got you noticed. What do you think it was about this track that really got people going?

Well the original from Underworld was such a great tune so respect to them of course! We think our version with its driving tech and hypnotic breakdown is a little bit dark maybe but with it’s got a banging bassline groove that fits any dancefloor. We always put it in our DJ sets and it always works no matter what, I think that’s why the track was supported so strongly by Mixmag and other big names in the scene.

Your melodic remix of Geek Love really contrasts with some of the harder tracks you produce. Was it a conscious decision to approach this remix differently?

Obviously it is really different from what we have been making but we like doing different stuff inside trance, many times we don’t event know what style are we doing, we only have fun making music so we do whatever we like, it just flows that way.

What do you produce on and how do you go about approaching a remix project?

Mr V: Our studio setup is: Intel core duo with Cubase with loads of VSTs, also we have an Axiom 61 midi controler and we monitor with a pair of Yamaha HS80’s (hopefully the sound will be better from now on as we only go them two days ago, haha!). With our remixes we like to keep the essence of the main part of the track, but we always try innovating, making a version completely different from the original.

What kind of producers do you see yourselves as: tech trance, psy trance, just trance or something else?

Deathmind: Well, we always loved the classic epic trance sounds but we don’t like to put our sound into a box or only make one single style! I think Thr3shold is a combination of trance, tech, hard and psy.

You're now expanding your appearances across South America from your base in Argentina. How does it feel to see your careers heading into the stratosphere?

Deathmind: We’ve already been touring inside our country for a few months and now we’ve got a date for Brazil in Rio de Janeiro for New Years Eve to be confirmed and another one in Sao Pablo for next year. We’re just really glad to take our sound to another country and can’t wait to head to Brazil where hard and psy trance is even bigger than in Argentina!

Tell us about club life in Latin America.

Deathmind: Here in Argentina psy and hard is big, but also at the moment the big thing is progressive, uplifting electro and tech trance, we did a few closing sets for DJs like Sean Tyas, Rank 1 and John O’Callaghan and also for Phil Reynolds. Most DJs are amazed by the crowd response over here and are always keen to play in South America again, so I think something here must be really different from the rest of the world!

Mr V: I think Brazil always has big psy international names, along with other styles as well. Here in Argentina the trance scene is not that old but still we have really talented local producers like Heatbeat, Detune, Sequence, Dario EF and loads more making our trance scene stronger.

When do you think you'll get yourselves over to Europe to play?

We can’t wait to rock you guys! Hopefully we will soon!

You've got tracks already lined up with Essential, Diverted and Digital Creation. Where else can we expect to see your tracks over the coming months and what styles will they be?

Well we have our new track The Constant coming out on couture with a remix from Digital Nature on the flip, the original is a weird track with an electro tech groove and a huge melody breakdown ready to get any crowd going. Also we have The Beginning coming on Dan Identikal’s Vision Control, it’s tech trancer with dark vocals and mad synths, we think it’s banging!

Then we have a hard uplifting trance remix of the Steve Morley classic Sacred City on Essential with Steve´s 2008 rework on the flip, plus a psy remix of Phil ReynoldsNo Game Plan on Digital Creation that has already been chosen as tune of the month in Virtual Music Magazine and finally a remix for Indecent Noise on Diverted, a banging tech trance number coming out with the Original & DJ Choose remix!

Where do you want to see yourselves in five years and where would you have liked to have played?

Of course we would like to travel around the globe playing our music on all the continents! Maybe in 5 years, if we can, we would love to play inside a spaceship around Saturn’s ring and why not other solar systems as well! The world is not enough!

And why not?! Thanks guys.

Photos courtesy of Thr3shold. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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From: bennett on 9th Oct 2008 09:57.24
Glad to see these guys getting some recognition! Top work lads!

From: Identikal on 9th Oct 2008 13:27.35
Glad to have you guys on board vision control :O) Awesome interview!!!

From: Phil Reynolds on 9th Oct 2008 13:28.52
These guys are top class and nice guys too. The world best watch out!!!!

From: DJ Vale on 9th Oct 2008 22:23.08
Top Top Guys - and top producers to boot! Their work on the Diverted project is immense stuff! :-)

From: Phil Lacerda on 10th Oct 2008 17:36.02
Top lads & great producers!!!Lovers of hard sounds!!!

From: Steve Morley on 14th Oct 2008 12:44.03
Great to see some new talents who have the right attitude and manage a constant stream of quality tracks and remixesSmile Keep the good work up guys!

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