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Zoney And Zebra Get Squelched

Reported by kevsey.d / Submitted 15-04-09 18:18

You’ll really have trouble finding harder working DJs/promoters on the London circuit than these two regular names at Frantic HDS. Dean Zone and Latex Zebra are back soon to the Hidden decks to help blow out the birthday candles for Squelcher's 5th birthday! Kevsey D went to help them wrap some presents and find out a little bit more about them and what they have planned for the future.

If you don’t already know both guys have been running successful night's at Brixton's Club 414 for some time now; Dean Zone is heavily involved with Puzzle Project and Magnetix, while you’ll find Latex Zebra mostly at Zoology and Alumni.

Hi guys. You are no strangers to the pages of HarderFaster, to start off with, have you got any exciting news to share with us?

Dean Zone: Where do I start! I have some fantastic gigs coming up, especially down the South Coast over the next couple of months, along with my own party, the ever improving Magnetix which currently resides at Club 414. Check out our site for loads of mixes, both studio ones and live recordings from previous Magnetix events at Hopefully I’ll finally be able to get my own digital label up and running too, but I have been saying that for ages though so it could be a while yet!

Latex Zebra: Just got some tickets to see A-ha in November. I’m quite excited about that.

Dean, how are things going with Magnetix? I see that it's your 2nd birthday coming up soon, have you got anything special lined up for it?

Things are going very well thanks Kevsey! We’ve got out next party on Friday 29th May at Club 414, with Sinewave playing live as well as HDA winner Nick The Kid amongst others. We’ve got a July party too but the best bit of all is that we’re throwing a massive boat party for our 2nd birthday in September, which promises to be nothing short of awesome.

I can’t give away too many details now obviously as it’s so far away but if you see me out I’m bound to spill the beans because I am just so excited about it! It’s costing us a bomb but fuck it, I know it will be worth every penny and opportunities like that don’t come along everyday.

Latex, you have been running Zoology for a few years while many events have come and gone, What do you think makes your party special and helped it stand the test of time and what have you got planned for the future?

DZ: He gives blow jobs in the toilets. Well, that’s what makes it special to me anyway!

LZ: 8 Years old in November and boy am I feeling it. I think that because we genuinely love what we’re doing and aren’t just in it for a quick buck that it reflects in the party itself. I never thought when we started we’d go on for this long. Plans for the future? Well just trying keeping things interesting and different every month. We’re focusing again on hard dance, trance and techno this year and have some pretty cool line ups and are pushing a lot of DJs and Producers that are making waves right now. Hopefully we’ll have something very special for our 8th Birthday too! Which reminds me…

Dean Zone

You are both very versatile DJs and like to play a range of different styles, what's your preferred style to play?

DZ: It would have to be European hard trance for me, but hardstyle runs it a close second. To be honest, there’s not a lot of difference between the two at the best of times though, but I usually tend to keep it on a more uplifting tip either way. I do have lots of darker stuff but I find you have to play it to the right crowd or you could easily lose the floor and you can’t play too much of it either. I also play trance and a bit of tech trance too, always goes down well for the earlier sets I find.

LZ: Trachno. I honestly couldn’t decide between techno and trance. I love them both to bits. I suppose that’s why I’m playing a lot of tech trance at the moment.

Have you got anything lined up for your set in the Squelcher room at HDS?

DZ: You can’t plan anything with the Zebra. Not only would it be sacrilege to do so, but it would remove that which makes him so good; his ability to read a crowd and give them what they want. Saying that though I will definitely be chucking in some hardstyle just to annoy him, has to be done as we’re in the Squelcher room and I know D4rk would never forgive me if I didn’t. Or maybe some Gabba even, got sent some fresh promo sh*t from Holland the other day; it’s enough to make your anus bleed I tell thee!

LZ: Euro classics; so probably a bit of S.H.O.K.K, DJ Wag, Scot Project, Tracid Traxxx and Alphazone. It’ll be classics to me and Dean. I imagine the young crowd at HDS might not have heard much of it before.

What are your personal highlights from 2008?

DZ: Mine would definitely be playing at Koko for Frantic 11 on August Bank Holiday Sunday and then having the Magnetix 1st birthday with K90 less than a week later. I’d barely recovered before it was time to do it all over again which certainly made it a week I’ll never forget. Well, from what I can remember of it anyway!

Also I managed to finally get my arse over to the Dam for the first of hopefully many European raves/festivals. Went over to Holland for Trance Energy last February and it was an eye opener for sure. It certainly puts most of the events we have in this country to shame, as painful as that is to admit, it is very true.

LZ: The birth of my Son and getting promoted at work. I kind of stepped off the peddle DJing wise last year but am more focused this year and getting out there a bit more.

Latex Zebra

I see you have both been busy in the studio lately, Could you tell us a little bit more and about what tracks you have got in store for us?

DZ: I have two fully finished tracks so far, they’re called My Dreams and In The Absence. I’m waiting on remixes for both of them before I launch my label, so it’s just a waiting game really before they see the light of day, but hopefully I won’t be left waiting for too much longer.

Also I have a remix of Acsymo by John Christorm which is just having the final touches added to it, as well as a collaboration with Matt Thomas from SHOCK:FORCE called The Real World nearing completion. Then there’s my own 2009 remix of a track I made with Ashley James in 2006 called Set Me Free. Learning to produce has certainly been the best decision since I decided to buy some decks, that’s for sure.

LZ: I have my own track Ninja Warrior coming out on Riot or Traffic sometime in the near future and also have a track called Unbalanced that I wrote with Trevor Dans coming out on Inertia at some point in the future. I have two tracks written with Jim WildMythbusters (with a vocal from Stace) and Refresher that are looking for a home as well. No doubt they’ll be out some time in the summer.

Latex, you have been DJing since 1995, How has the scene changed since you first started playing out? And what are the similarities?

I didn’t really play out other than private parties in those early days so wasn’t involved in the scene much. I have seen quite a few parties and DJs come and go. Some that I miss quite a bit.

Dean, how are things shaping up with your DI.FM radio show Event Horizon?

I’m loving it more and more every month! I’m so happy to be getting some serious support and recognition with this from some excellent DJs in the scene and listeners all over the world.

I have already had guest mixes from the likes of K90, MDA & Spherical, Frisky, D10 and Nick The Kid to name a few and I have not even been hosting it for a year yet, but the reception I have had from it has been nothing short of amazing. I average between 400 – 500 listeners worldwide every month, which you really cannot argue with to be honest. Event Horizon runs every 4th Monday on the hard dance channel of, for two hours from 8pm – 10pm, and luckily for me it’s right after Italian legend FJ Project’s show, who also loves his European hard trance and hardstyle so I reckon I’m stealing loads of his listeners too, mwahahaha!

Which artists are you influenced by?

DZ: My love affair of dance music started with The Prodigy; they’re the best thing in music ever as far as I’m concerned, but they were just the start. If I really had to point the finger, it would have to be at Ferry Corsten – it’s all his fault, haha! No seriously, I started with Ferry Corsten and the whole trance scene first when I was about 15, then I saw this advert for a certain Future Sound of Hard Dance 2002 CD, which had what is as far as I am concerned, the best 80min mix ever committed to CD; the Phil Reynolds mix. So that got me into the harder side of things and from there I discovered the European side of things. Since then I would say Scot Project, DJ Wag, Dave Joy, Uberdruck, Dark By Design and Jon The Baptist to start with. More recently I would say it’s been Sully and SHOCK:FORCE, Mauguzun, Sixth Sense, Showtek, Zany and Ultraform.

LZ: For me it mainly used to be European acts like DJ Wag and Scott Project. These days it tends to be BK and a lot of the guys pushing the tech dance sound.

What ingredients do you think makes a great event?

DZ: Firstly a well thought out line up. Anyone can bang out Playing With Knifes, Music is Moving or The Dawn at 157bpm from 10 - 11, but there’s a time and a place for that, and it’s called Timeless! If the line up can naturally progress in sound from start to finish and the DJs are given set times to reflect this and not by the size of their fee then that’s a start. Décor is something I think a lot of promoters overlook too. I see so many venues these days with just some set times and a banner up, which I think is a bit lazy. The whole idea for me is to create an environment in which people want to lose the plot and go a bit mad in, and the more colour and interaction in a venue the better, but saying that some clubs are always going to need more décor than others!

I think we do a very good job of this at Magnetix, constantly transforming the 414 into a totally different place, but if you want to see what club décor should be like on a larger scale then I can only say visit a Planet Angel or a psy trance party and prepare to be amazed!

LZ: Promoters who get involved and have fun, DJs that play music people will love and a crowd that make all the right noises at the right time.

What ingredients makes a great pie?

DZ: I’m f*cked if I know; I can barley cook an edible a fry up mate! I’d imagine flour and water would have something to do with it and if you could get chicken or beef in there then that would be a bonus I suppose.

LZ: Steak, kidney, puff pastry and a splash of red wine.

What keeps you excited about what you do and to push yourself further as a DJ?

DZ: Living in hope that one day I can live off my income from doing what I love and not have to worry about my nine to five and all the mundane parts that come with it. Back in the real world; just being given the chance to share what I love with others really. I get such a buzz when I play, it’s just a total release of energy and stress that beats any other activity you can do with your clothes on in my opinion.

LZ: The love of the music and that feeling you get when you walk out of the booth and people want to thank for playing a great set. You can’t beat the feeling of making a party for people.

Thanks for your time gents.

Photos courtesy of the HarderFaster archive. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Frantic & MOTD Present HDS
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 15th May
At: Hidden [map]

From: 22:00 - 06:00
Cost: FREE BEFORE 11.30PM / £10 AFTER 11.30PM

More: Frantic & MoreOnTheDoor in Association with Klubbed Together & Squelcher’s 5th Birthday Present

Hard Dance Showcase - Black & Red Early Summer Ball

Friday 15th May 2009
2200 - 0600

Hidden, 100 Tinworth Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5EQ

FREE before 11.30PM if you email your names to
£10 after 11.30pm / £10 without guestlist

The March Hard Dance Showcase saw over 600 people rocking to the sounds of Andy Whitby, Cally Gage, Technikal, Lucy Fur & Andy Rise at the capacity Hidden. Vauxhall was totally blown away which demonstrates Hard Dance is well and truly still alive in London!

The next installment of HDS is on Friday 15th May 2009 and is a very special event as in the HDS Room, Technikal will be launching his new album “Klubbed Together” with sets from Technikal, Phil Reynolds and Tidy DJs. Supporting the DJs from the album will be Elvis, Helen G, Kevsey D and LD Concept.

In the MoreOnTheDoor room, BK headlines with an exclusive tough set alongside Trade veteran Pete Wardman, who will also be playing a special back 2 back set with birthday boy Nelly B, Twist resident Tom Basquil and Frantic favourate Nathalie with support from Luke Muldon, Andy Sweet and Faye Lanson.

D4rk’s Hard Dance night, Squelcher, makes a very excitable return to HDS in the Bar Room bringing European Hard Trance and Hardstyle from the likes of Frisky, D4rk (2 Hours), Nutty T, Double D, Dean Zone and Latex Zebra.

The full range of Hard Dance music is covered here from Bounce to Filth, Hard Trance to Hard Style so make sure you have emailed ELVIS@FRANTICUK.NET to get on the FREE GUEST LIST!
Region: London
Music: Hard Trance. HardStyle. Hard House.
DJ's: HDS Room
Official Technikal “Klubbed Together” Album Launch Party

Special Guest: Technikal

Phil Reynolds
Tidy DJs
Helen G
kevsey D
LD Concept

MoreOnTheDoor Room

Special Guest: BK (Exclusive Tough Set)

Pete Wardman
Pete Wardman b2b Nelly B
Tom Basquil
Luke Muldon
Andy Sweet
Faye Lanson

Squelcher 5th Birthday Bar Room

Special Guest: Frisky

D4rk (2Hrs)
Nutty T
Double D
Dean Zone
Latex Zebra (Euro)
Shock Force

Who's Going? (22) : acidmangakid, bennett, blackchic1, DANNY TAPPENDEN, DConcept, Dean Zone, Funboy Hashtag Yoloswaggins, GolGotha, Gordy, James Downton, kevsey.d, Lucy Fur, Mark., Menthol Taz, Miles Gorfy, Mizz_behavin, nutty trance records, Riff and Raff, sachin22, WEBBO, zeebra kid, ~deleted1390 

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From: Mizz_behavin on 15th Apr 2009 20:58.25
DZ:LZ ... sounds like some kind of nightmare hardstyle rock band Razz
Cool interview,and its definitely rounds to Dans for some pie rather than Deans Laughs out loud

From: Dean Zone on 15th Apr 2009 21:00.43
Laughs out loud I cant believe they actually printed the but about the blow jobs!!! Rolls On Floor Laughing

From: nutty trance records on 15th Apr 2009 22:20.58
nice read m8

From: ~deleted1390 on 16th Apr 2009 08:35.41
Check out Zoney plugging away and the best I could come up with is my tickets for A-ha Blush

From: Mizz_behavin on 16th Apr 2009 14:13.25
I would be well chuffed if I got A-ha tickets, anyway Zoney whores himself to anyone.... Razz

From: Darz on 17th Apr 2009 19:34.52
Good stuff girls!

From: WEBBO on 19th Apr 2009 17:51.50
great read there lads , wicked interview Kevsey see you all on the 15th May
ps Zoney just give me a warning before you play the hardstyle lol

From: kevsey.d on 20th Apr 2009 18:41.59
thanks for doing the interview lads.. see ya on the 15th!!

From: Mat Lock on 21st Apr 2009 04:56.34
I miss my brother !

From: ck on 9th May 2009 00:08.16
Hahaha, I thought our toilets were interesting at 414... Good stuff guys, hope this year is big for both of you Heartbeat

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