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N-Kore the Gallic maestro brings Astral Circus back to town

Reported by Tara / Submitted 19-10-14 21:30

The reproduction and evolution of our music scene means ensuring the tools of the trade are passed from one generation of artists to the next, and that they are sufficiently inspired to keep passing on the flame in their turn. For the scene of tomorrow to continue, we must make space for the up-and-coming of today.

Originally from Angers in France, N-Kore was so taken by the sounds of the London dance music scene that he is now keeping the flame alive, taking matters into his own hands by meticulously learning the tricks of the trade though sheer persistence, trial and error, and a certain je ne sais quoi. Already signed to a label, Silent Partner Records, he has his first residency at Triptonania, his first release in the pipeline, and is about to meet a career milestone as he gets ready to rock the Astral Circus dancefloor this Friday night…

Hey Oli, thanks for taking some time out of your hectic schedule to answer a few questions for your many friends and fans on HarderFaster! I know you’re spending every spare second in the studio right now, so we’re very lucky to tear you away…

To those new to the London scene it might seem that you’ve had a rapid rise to the top and have suddenly gone from having the odd gig to playing out every weekend. But for those of us who’ve been around a while, we remember you at events like Byte at the Purple Turtle on Sunday nights and of course being a regular on the dancefloor at so many great parties. Can you remember what first inspired you to become a DJ and producer?

I remember my days going to Frantic at Camden Palace, Superfish at the Fridge and many more and thinking, "Wow! This is amazing!" Then I met my friends Nikk Haines, Nacho and Raul at some parties. They were fantastic DJs and they gave me a taste of it. I got inspired by Alf Bamford, Ashley James, Mark Beadle and Matt Adams, James Lawson and Nick Sentience... These guys were the best of the best then for me and the fact that I have managed to speak to them on a human level made me want to do what they do.

Were you into music growing up, or has it been something you’ve had to learn to start producing tracks? If so, are you self-taught or have you had some help along the way?

I am part of the Youtube can learn most of what you need to learn on it. But you also have to be careful as there are as many good as bad clips on it. It has also been partly due to spending a day with my heroes Nick Sentience, Alf Bamford and Nick Sagar-House. These guys have helped me heaps.

Why the name ‘N-Kore’?

N-Kore hhmmm... that was a new beginning for me and I had moved to a brand new genre (core) of music with psy trance hence N(ew)-Kore. It also came to my mind that it was making the same sound as the French word "encore" so I decided to keep with it.

Please describe your music in five words.

Emotional, uplifting, colourful, story-like and varied.

What are your main influences and inspirations?

My family, my friends and life in general. There is nothing better than life as we live it.

In the last couple of years you’ve gone from going hard on the dancefloor to sharing the decks and making tracks with some of the dance scene’s biggest names. What have been the highlights of your musical journey so far?

The HarderFaster Xmas Party 2013, where I was a nobody to most, when I dropped my remix of BK Revolution. It was risky, but Ali Wilson came to see me afterwards and it literally set up 2014 for me.

Also the Triptonarnia and Cohesion warehouse parties back in February. I have met new friends in the scene, which have become a very important part of why 2014 has been so successful.

And what goals do you still have for the future?

To have my own EP; to get in the studio with another idol of mine; and to play at festivals.

Producing music is a massive commitment, both time-wise and financially. What software and hardware do you prefer to use in the studio at the moment?

I like to navigate between Ableton and Cubase but my fav piece of kit is my AKG Studio headphones. I have just got them and I have to say that I have never listened to anything like it.

You’ve made some epic tracks, do you have a favourite or do you love all of your children equally?

I love all my tracks as each of them has taught me a new technique. If I had to choose one now I would probably go with my remix of I Feel Love from CRW.

You’re part of Emma Dancelove Nicholson’s DJ roster. How did you meet Emma and get involved with her DanceLoveHub events?

My good friend Neill Moore introduced us as she was working with him then. When we talked about our future plans it seemed natural to do it together. And it has paid off.

You’ve also recently been signed to Silent Partner Records, congratulations! How did this come about?

I met Joao "Etcetera" at the Cohesion warehouse event in February and he was playing right after me. He had a few technical issues then so he asked me to keep going. When we had both finished playing we had a chat. A few month later he asked me if I had a label and he introduced me to Silent Partner Records. He got me signed and I should get my 1st appearance on a VA very shortly.

If you had a million pounds for the sole purpose of putting on the most epic party on the planet, where would you have it and who would you book to play?

I would definitely do it on a beach near a tropical forest. I love hearing the sea in the background. I would probably book all of my DJ friends to play, as the best parties are the ones you share with friends.

Working, DJing and producing leaves little time to relax. Do you ever manage to fit in any down time and if so, what do you like to get up?

I always try to give a bit of my time to my lovely lady Audrey. She is a big part of my life, so my free time goes to her.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have 5 albums with you, what would they be?

Astrix – Red Means Distortion
Electric Universe - Sonic Ecstasy
Protoculture - Premonition
The very best of Otis Redding
Nirvana - Nevermind

You’re making your Astral Circus début next Friday night, are you getting excited? Why should readers come down early so as not to miss your set?

Excited, I’ve never been so excited in my whole life, lol! People should come early because I will be mixing a lot of the new tunes I am working on at the moment. I haven't played any of them yet so if you want to hear them then you will have to come.

Finally, what else do you have going on for the rest of 2014?

A lot more warehouse parties, The HarderFaster Xmas party 2014 (I don't want to miss that one), and the Audio Addictz End of Festival Season radio show.

Thanks so much for you time Oli! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday night!

Catch N-Kore warming up the main room at Astral Circus at Brixton Jamm on Friday 24 October.

Astral Circus
N-Kore on FaceBook
N-Kore on Soundcloud
Silent Partner Records

Photos courtesy of Paul Sturman, Sophia Svess and Anne Élise Hansen. Not to be reproduced without permission.

Astral Circus pres Sinerider, Omsphere, Quanta, Dataura, Nanosphere & many more
Send an eFlyer for this event to a friend Include this Event in a Private Message Direct link to this Event
On: Friday 24th October
At: Brixton Jamm [map]

From: 22:00 - 06:00
Cost: £10-£15 +bf advance/MOTD
Ticket Info: Advance tickets from and
Buy Online: Click here to buy tickets
More: Now into their 3rd year of sell out parties, the Astral Circus crew returns with another night full of psychedelic magic and creative energy.

Astral Circus is a realm of self-expression and mutual insight. We endeavour to cultivate an interactive experience that stimulates beyond the senses, and unlocks the innate creativity possessed by each and every one of us.

Let's animate our vision - together!

Decor by InOrbit and Cognitive Dissidents, visuals by Psyentific Visualization.

Info & guest list:

Region: London
Music: Psy Trance. Techno.
DJ's: Room 1
Progressive & full-on psy trance

Sinerider LIVE (24/7 Records)

Omsphere LIVE (Free-Spirit Records)

**Omsphere will be giving away FREE copies of his album K'ag Bak'tun**

Liquid Ross (Liquid Records)

Chameleon (Liquid Records) DJ SET

Nikki S (Astral Circus)

Andy Force (Mutagen Recs/Astral Circus)

N-Kore (Silent Partner Records)

Alternative room
Psygressive, psybreaks, wonky techno, dub, downtempo & progressive

Quanta LIVE (Enigmatik/Shanti Planti)

Dataura LIVE (Digital Mind Records)

Nanosphere LIVE (Broken Robot Records)

Andy Force (Mutagen Recs/Astral Circus)


Piskey Roots (Petra Behavior Style)

FlibbertiGibbet (Astral Circus)

Who's Going? (2) : AstralCircus, Tara 

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From: Kamora on 16th Mar 2015 22:49.10
Great interview Smile

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