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AlexMo - 'PsyMan'
Reviewed by Pete M on 26-05-17 11:58 (1844 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Trance
Now THIS is what I call hard trance! AlexMo drops PsyMan on us with a remix from Weirdo, which is rather ace.

The Original Mix starts us off and its a kickin' hard trance stomper with lots of energy and uplift. Plenty of hardness ...
[Full Review]

Wavetraxx - 'Ignore Me'
Reviewed by Pete M on 10-03-17 19:04 (2774 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Trance
Wavetraxx is synonymous with trance. I'm glad I got synonymous right that time cos I spelt it wrong on the other review. Anyway...this is "Ignore Me" on Hyper Reality. The release comes with a 303 Mix for your acid heads out there.

The ...
[Full Review]

Obi - 'Slenderman'
Reviewed by Pete M on 09-03-17 10:33 (2531 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
The dark side of trance returns in the shape of Discover's Dark imprint. This track is based around the legend of the Slenderman, a tall, faceless, figure who is synonomous (sp?) in the States.

Dark and sinister right from the off, Obi ...
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Rodi Style & JY Jelly - 'Collide (Intra & Spherix Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 14-02-17 16:07 (4137 views)
Rating: Genre: Tech Trance
Not having heard the original of this, I can't compare the two. But, however, this is the Intra & Spherix remix of Collide by Rodi Style & JY Jelly on Kung Fu Wax.

Powerful beats is the name of the game here along with tightly-knit synth ...
[Full Review]

Graumann - 'My Love '
Reviewed by Pete M on 13-02-17 11:41 (2624 views)
Rating: Genre: Progressive House
New label time! Access Records make their debut with their first release. Its by Graumann and is called My Love. Its a progressive house rumbler with only one mix: the Original Mix.

This one sounds sparse and spacey. It has essences of ...
[Full Review]

Adam White - 'Ballerina (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Remix)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 10-02-17 16:31 (2244 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Fresh from their John Lennon bootie, Scott Bond and Charlie Webster bring us the fifth release from REBOOTED in the form of a remix of Adam White's "Ballerina", a full-on 9 minute trance behemoth. This is a beast and no mistake. Only one mix on ... [Full Review]

Paw Luk & Abrupt Gear - 'Messantia'
Reviewed by Pete M on 10-01-17 15:29 (1836 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Happy new year to you all! Exia begin their year with this one from Paw Luk and Abrupt Gear. This contains a remix from Elite Electronic. Banging proggy bizniz is the order of the day!

The Original Mix starts us off and is a ...
[Full Review]

Allan Morrow - 'Out Of Reach'
Reviewed by Pete M on 24-10-16 20:06 (3066 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Tech
The first release on the Grotesque Fusion label is "Out Of Reach" by Allan Morrow. Is this filth? Probably. Is this anthemic? Most definitely. Is it dark? Yip. Not a bad thing!

Only one mix on display here and that's the Original Mix. ...
[Full Review]

Organ Donors - 'Daft Spunk'
Reviewed by Pete M on 14-10-16 13:53 (3240 views)
Rating: Genre: Hard Dance
The Organ Donors are back! Yep, those Harris brothers have reignited a classic track and given it the Donor treatment. This is a lunatic version of Daft Punk's "One More Time" and, although its been put through the hard dance blender, it still ... [Full Review]

Boostereo & Lucid Blue - 'Rise To Fall'
Reviewed by Pete M on 12-10-16 16:23 (3320 views)
Rating: Genre: House
Suanda Music unveils their third imprint after True and Voice in the form of Base, their outlet for house-based music. Rise To Fall is the first release on the label and, coming from a label that is most associated with trance, is actually quite ... [Full Review]

Wavetraxx - 'The Beginning Of The End'
Reviewed by Pete M on 29-09-16 15:10 (3113 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance
Wavetraxx presents an ominous trance tune here on Diverted with a remix from Amber D & James Kitcher for support. The German producer has opted for a more fresh-faced trance sound as opposed to the mechanised, European, sound.

The ...
[Full Review]

Luke Warner & Latex Zebra - 'Mind Shift'
Reviewed by Pete M on 21-08-16 19:00 (2717 views)
Rating: Genre: Tangled Audio
The Zebra returns on Tangled Audio! Hooking up with Luke Warner, the striped one drops "Mind Shift" on us. The Original Mix is the only mix on here so here we go! Oh, and a radio edit too.

The Original Mix is one tough cookie! ...
[Full Review]

Mark EG - 'Voice To Life'
Reviewed by Pete M on 18-08-16 17:37 (2616 views)
Rating: Genre: Techno
Mark EG is a hard dance institution. A man who embodies the punk spirit in everything he does; whether it be causing havoc on the decks or scaring us all with his antics. But its in his productions where he really shines though and on Yin Yang, he ... [Full Review]

Local Heroes & Linnea Shossow - 'Home (Remixes)'
Reviewed by Pete M on 13-08-16 14:43 (3012 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Progressive
The latest remix package comes in the shape of "Home", which receives three stellar re-rubs from Allen & Envy, Mike Saint-Jules and Ariel & Danilo joining forces with DJ Xquizit. I know that's a crap introduction to a review. Its probably my worst ... [Full Review]

Diego Morrill - 'Furias'
Reviewed by Pete M on 20-06-16 11:32 (3215 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Psy
Discover Dark pile on the beats with a psytrance belter from Diego Morrill. The remix is by Miles, whose remix is, quite frankly, bonkers. But more on that later.

The Original Mix is a hard-edged psytrance affair with a lot of ...
[Full Review]

LTN - 'People I'll Never Forget Remixes'
Reviewed by Pete M on 04-06-16 12:47 (3203 views)
Rating: Genre: Trance / Progressive
LTN has been on my radar for quite a while. His remixes, particularly his Sunrise mixes, have always been favourites of mine. Now though, he drops the remixed edition of his People I'll Never Forget album on Enhanced Progressive.

The ...
[Full Review]

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