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Future Prophecy

» Advanced Options 2

Reviewed by Ashley James / Submitted 10-01-07 21:27

Label: BNE
Format: CD
Genre: Psychedelic Trance

A brand new compilation from Israeli label BNE here - and it does exactly what it says on the tin. As an album, Advanced Options 2 is a giant slab of futuristic, cutting edge Psy Trance with attitude, full of rolling, energetic basslines and organic, textured sounds and synths. The album comprises of ten well selected and fantastically produced tracks compiled by Israeli DJ & producer Future Prophecy, and in the next few paragraphs I’ll tell you about the tracks that I feel really stand out.

Firstly I’ll start with my personal favourite, “The Prophecy” by Israeli Psy Trance giants, Astral Projection. This track is an utter steamer from the word go. It starts of with a nice beat and bass combo, quickly bringing in some tight as f*ck percussion that really gives the track an immense feeling of energy and pace. The track carefully blends in old-school Goa style synths underneath bubbling acid lines and a chunky rolling bassline, but does it in a modern, nu-school way. The result is a brilliant fusion of twisted, peak time trance meets melodic morning trance. Absolutely awesome stuff!

The next track I’d like to give a mention to is “Inner Bright” by Time Lock. The vibe starts off quite funky before descending into a fierce rolling bassline complete with some strange vocoded vocals. The track progresses further into vocal territory with some haunting female lyrics in the middle of the track. This could have gone two ways, the other venturing down some hideously cheesy route, but in my opinion the vocal is used well and adds to the overall feel of the track (think Sub6 use of vocals and you’ve got it). The breakdown brings in another strange vocal loop before building and escalating to an awesome drop that I imagine would send any dance floor crazy!

Finally, the next track of the compilation that I feel really stands out is “Trance In Motion” by Sesto Sento and Apocalypse. Groovy basslines meet arpeggiated synths and tight, crispy percussion to make this a track that will stick in your mind for weeks to come. I’ve been a big fan of Sesto Sento for a long time – since hearing a lot of their earlier offerings on labels like Alchemy, Neourobiotic and 3D Vision and this does not fail to impress!

There are also some other fantastic offerings on the album including Echotek’s bass driven monster “You’re Inside Voice”, Atomic Pulse and Cyrus The Virus’ dramatic “Unreal” and Future Prophecy’s anthemic “Feel The Vibration” (look past the cheesy intro for a real lesson in how to make peak time trance!)

It’s very rare that you’ll find a compilation where you can honestly say that you like every single track on it, and this has done just that. All in all, an excellent compilation of Israeli Psy Trance, showing us that they don’t look to be running out of new, talented producers anytime soon… Absolutely essential!


1. PsyCraft vs. Beat Hackers - Night Drive (Future Prophecy Remix)
2. Sesto Sento vs. Apocalypse – Trance In Motion
3. Time Lock – Inner Bright
4. Astral Projection – The Prophecy
5. Basic – Days Of Power
6. The Freak Show – Fantazy
7. Echotek - You’re Inside Voice
8. B-Wicked – R U Ready?
9. Atomic Pulse vs. Cyrus The Virus – Unreal
10. Future Prophecy – Feel The Vibration

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