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» Sound of Silence

Reviewed by Ashley James / Submitted 05-02-07 23:00

Label: Mushy Records
Format: CD
Genre: Psychedelic Trance

Completely and utterly failing to live up to it's title, we have the second album from Israeli psy trance artists Bubble, a.k.a Guy Sarnat and Karen Bagdasarov. I'm still in mixed minds about this album - On the one hand it's full of clever ideas, groovy basslines, nice organic sounds and brilliant ethnic style intros and instrumental recordings, yet on the other hand I can't help thinking that some of the tracks sound a tiny bit two dimensional, plus there are a couple of rather odd vocals, which quite frankly sound ridiculous.

We'll start at the very beginning with "Divine", a nice track that gets completely raped by the not so nice vocal. The track itself doesn't really do a whole lot but it chugs along quite nicely going through some interesting bass patterns until the vocal pops up again and puts you off it for good.

Track 3, "We're gonna b cool" is a lot more like it. It starts of with a nice intro, setting a really nice mood for what's about to come - an awesomely groovy bassline and percussion sequence that you can't help but nod along to. After a short break sequence this transforms into a rolling bassline complete with a rather cool sounding 80s style synth playing a short accompanying melody. I really like this track, it's the kind of thing I'd probably play in a first set to try and inject a bit of fun into a growing dancefloor. Definitely one of the stronger tracks on the album.

Unfortunately, track 5 - "Loose Control" goes down a similar vocal style route to track one. I'm not joking when I say that I listened to this album with a couple of friends and the vocals on this particular track had all three of us in hysterics at the randomness of them. It's a bit of shame actually because the sitar style ethnic instruments accompanying the vocal in the intro sound really well written.

Track 6, "Star Wars" is my favourite track on the album. I absolutely love it - everything about it seems to complement everything else perfectly. The Eastern sounding intro is lush, almost to the point of being able to conjure images of bamboo forests and giant pandas... This quickly snaps into a funky rolling bassline with an almost ragga style vocal bouncing along over the top of it for a couple of bars. Vocals like this can be slightly dangerous territory to venture into and can go one of two ways, the first way sounding overdone and crap, but the vocals here work perfectly. The track maintains this with beautiful sounding melodies and interesting breaks. An awesome track!

The other tracks on the album that I really like are "Eve Elektro" and "Ambivalent Frequency". "Eve Elektro" in particular is definitely the type of track I'd play. The bass is solid and the instrumentals are very well written.

All in all not a bad album and definitely one that I won't forget (if not maybe for all the right reasons). It's the kind of album I'd recommend to somebody looking for something a little different to the usual. I'm really interested to hear what these guys follow this up with - I just hope they stay away from the microphone...!

1. Divine
2. Sound of Silence
3. We're gonna b cool
4. Elect-On
5. Loose Control
6. Star Wars
7. I'm Looking (Unique vs Rewind evolution rmx)
8. La Revolucion
9. Eve Elektro
10. Ambivalent Frequency

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