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» Plagued Streets Of Pity EP

Reviewed by Pete M / Submitted 17-11-18 12:54

Label: Hobbes Music
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronica

Something a wee bit different. We go to Hobbes Music and a young producer called Exterior. This is a 4-track EP, with a remix from DALI, a mysterious techno producer who does not have a social media presence. All we know is that she is female. And she's provided a solid, twisted, breaks-style techno behemoth of a remix.

Sounding more techno than electronica, Plagued Streets Of Pity starts us off. It is pumping, no-nonsense, technoid tomfoolery. Screaming synths and fast beats are the order of the day here and Hobbes Music has done us all proud by unleashing it. Weird and wonderful stuff, this.

DALI drops her "Collapsing Star" remix of the title track and here, the track gets slower but no less weird. The techno expands further with an almost break-beat feel; analogue synths aplenty. This is colossal stuff indeed and at 9 minutes, fairly expansive shit. This remix is the one I'm playing the most. On a side note, DALI dropped a remix of Sophie Barker for the LSA remixes album on Disco Gecko.

Let Them Come To You is slower-paced technological epicness. I can't really describe what it sounds like but imagine Thomas Dolby getting in the studio with Kraftwerk and you're pretty close.

The final track is Future Daze and this is where the electronica shines through. Post-noise ambience with techno rhythms and analogue synths aplenty. This is weird shit and no question. In other words, it is absolutely glorious. Big grin

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