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The 107 Club
The 433
The Abandoned Zoo
The Acorn
The Adelphi
The Africa Centre
The Ainsworth Midtown (New York, USA)
The Akademy Pub (South Africa)
The Albany
The Alchemist
The Alibi
The Alice
The Alley (Florida, USA)
The Alma
The Anchor
The Angel
The Angel (Strood)
The Angel Inn
The Annexe
The Annexe
The Anthologist
The Apartment
The Apollo
The Arch
The Arch (Brighton)
The Arches
The Arches
The Arena
The Arena Royale (South Africa)
The Art Bar
The Artesian Well
The Assembly (South Africa)
The Astoria
The Asylum
The Attic
The Attik (Leicester)
The Austin Club (Texas, USA)
The Avenue
The Ball Room, Marcus Garvey Centre
The Bang Bang Club (South Africa)
The Bar at TCR
The Bar Inc
The Barbican Live Lounge
The Barn
The Barn (behind the milton arms)
The Barracuda Casino
The Barrow boy
The Basement
The Basement (San Francisco, United States)
The Basement Bar
The Basement Southend (Under Element Nightclub)
The Basket and Brief
The Bassment
The Bath House
The Bathhouse
The Bay Basement
The Beach Club (South Africa)
The Beach Star Hotel
The Bear
The Beck Theatre
The Bed Bar
The Bedford
The Belfry
The Belvedere
The Bertram Inn and Conference Center (Ohio, USA)
The Big Chill House
The Big Park (Buckinghamshire, UK)
The Big Top Sydney (Luna Park)
The Bistro, Grove Square (New Jersey, US)
The Bizz
The Black Dahlia (South Africa)
The Black Horse Pub
The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep Bar (Croydon)
The Black Swan
The BLUE ROOM (South Africa)
The Blues Kitchen
The Boarwalk Plaza Hotel (Delaware, US)
The Boaters Inn
The Bohemian (South Africa)
The Boiler Room (California, USA)
the boiler rooms
The Bondi Bar
The Bongo Club
The Book Club
The Book Club (London, UK)
The Borderline
The Borderline
The Borough Arms
The Botanic Gardens, Durban (South Africa)
The Botanist Broadgate Circle
The Boudoir
The Bowery Electric
The Bowl (Georgia, USA)
The Box
The Box (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
The Brass Bell
The Breeze Bar
The Brewery
The Brewhouse No. 25 (Iowa, USA)
The Brickhouse
The Brickyard
The Bridge
The Bridge (Missouri, USA)
The Brief
The Brindley Theatre
The Bristol Hotel (San Diego, USA)
The British Queen
The Bronx Brewery (New York, USA)
The Brook
The Brooklyn Mirage (New York, USA)
The Buck
The Bug Bar
The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town
The Bull Pen (South Africa)
The Bullingdon Arms (Oxford)
The Bunker
The Bussey Building
The Buttermarket
The Button factory
The Camberley Theatre
The Camp
The Canal Club
The Candy Store
The Cape
The Carling Academy (Birmingham)
The Carling Academy (Bristol)
The Carling Academy (Liverpool)
The Carling Academy (Oxford)
The Carling Academy (Sheffield)
The Cashmere (Los Angeles, USA)
The Castle
The Castle (Aldgate East)
The Cause (London, UK)
The Cave
The Cave (North Carolina, USA)
The Cavern
The Cell (Lincoln)
The Cellar Bar
The Cellar Bar 8
The Cellar Bar @ The Constitution
The Chance Theater (Maine, USA)
The Chapel (Manchester)
The Chapel (Salisbury)
The Chapel Bar
The Chapel Bar
The Chapel Nightclub (Wiltshire, UK)
The Chatsworth
The Chelsea Beach Bar (Atlantic City, United States)
The Chicago River
The Church
The Church (South Africa)
The Church (South Africa)
The Circle Bar
The Circus Tavern
The City Arts And Music Project (The CAMP)
The City Page
The City Pavilion
The Clapham Grand
The Clarendon
The Classic Grand
The CLF Art Cafe (London, UK)
The CLF Art Cafe Aka The Bussey Building
The CLF Art Lounge and Roof Garden (London, UK)
The Clinic
The Club
The Clubhouse
The Cluny
The Cock Pit
The Collegian Court (Massachusetts, USA)
The Colosseum
The Columbian
The Comedy Palace (San Diego, USA)
The Comedy Pub
The Comedy Zone (North Carolina, USA)
The Command House
The Complex
The Concreet Basement
The Cookie Club
The Cooler Restaurant and Bar (Oregon, USA)
The Cooperage
The Cooperage (Newcastle)
The Copacabana Times Square (New York, US)
The Corazon Cinema and Café (Florida, US)
The Corn Exchange
The Corn Exchange, Hertford
The Cornerhouse
The Cornerstone
The Coronet
The Cosmic ballroom
The Cosmo (San Francisco, USA)
The Cotton Club (Newport)
The Courtyard
The Coven II
The Crack Fox (Missouri, USA)_
The Craneway Pavilion
The CrAzY 88
The Crazy Horse, London
The Cresset Theatre
The Crobar Club
The Croft
The Croft Hotel
The Cross
The Crypt
The Cube
The Custard Factory
The Cut
The Dalston superstore
The Dark Room Theater (San Francisco, United States)
The Deaf Institute
The Deck (South Africa)
The Den and Centro (formerly the End)
The Denton
The Depot
The Distillers
the Distillers Smithfield
The DL | The best rooftop club in NYC (New York, USA)
The Do Bar (Montana, USA)
The Dog House (Oklahoma, USA)
The Dogstar
The Doll House
The Dolphin
The Dome
The Down & Out Bar (California, USA)
The Dragon Room
The Dream Downtown Hotel
The Drift
The Drink (Denver, USA)
The Driver
The Drunken Monkey
The Dry Bar
The Dungeon
The Dutch Master
The Dutch Master
The Earl
The Earl Gray
The Ebury
The Edge
The Edge (Luton)
The Edge Nightclub
The Elbow Room - Bristol
The Electric Circus
The Electric Lounge
The Electric Palace
The Electric Theatre
The Electrowerkz
The Elgin
The Elizabethan paddle steamer
The Emperor's Lounge
The Empire Club
The Emporium
The End
The Engine Room
The Engine Shed (Lincoln, UK)
The Enigma - Brighton
The Eve Club
The Ex-Servicemens Club (WEXA)
The Exchange
The Face Bar
The Factory
The Fairmont Royal York (Toronto, USA)
The Farm (Rowden Paddocks)
The Faversham
The Fellowship and Star (London, UK)
The Fez
The Fez Club
The Fiddlers Elbow
The Fillmore (San Francisco, USA)
The Finborough
The Finsbury
The Firebird (Missouri, USA)
The Five Bells
The Fleece
The Flying Dutchman
The Fold
The Forge
The Fortress
The Fortress
The Fortune of War
The Fortune of War
The Forum
The Forum
The Forum (Aberdeen)
The Forum Hertfordshire
The Fountain Inn
The Four Sisters Bar
The Frantic Hotel
The Fridge
The Fridge Bar
The Fringe
The Front Page
The Front Room
The Gable & Cellar
The Gable and Cellar
The Gable Bar
The Garage
The Garden Tisno (Tisno, Croatia)
The Gardening Club
The Gaslight (Pennsylvania, USA)
The Gatehouse Derby
The Gates Hotel Diagonal Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
The Genesis Center (Florida, USA)
The Georgia Freight Depot (Georgia, USA)
The Getaway DJ Cafe (Netherlands)
The Gladstone Center / The Club House
The Glasshouse
The Glasshouse (Coventry)
The Glasshouse, High Wycombe
The Glee Club
The Godfrey Moloi Mansion (South Africa)
The Gold Museum (South Africa)
The Gold Room Chicago Gentlemen's Club (Illinois, US)
The Golden Flame boat
The Golden Horseshoe Casino
The Good Bits
The Good, The Bad and The Filthy venue (South Africa)
The Grain Barge
The Grand
The Grand 1894 Opera House (Texas, USA)
The Grand Cafe & Beach
The Grand Hall Complex
The Grand Junction Arms
The Grand Union Brixton
The Grand Union Islington
The Great Exhibition
The Great Out Doors
The Great Suffolk Warehouse
The Green Carnation
The Green Dolphin (South Africa)
The Greyhound Bar
The Grinder
The Groundbreakerz
The Grove
The Groves Company Inn
The Grovesnor
The Gryphon (Washington, United States)
The Hackney Cut
The Hairy Dog
The Half Moon - Richmond (London, UK)
The Half Moon Herne Hill
The Half Moon, Putney
The Hanover Grand
The Harbour Club (Vinkeveen, Netherlands)
The HarderFaster Studios
The HarderFaster Studios
The Harp Club
The Harrison
The Haunt
The Hawth Theatre
The Heathcote (London, UK)
The Helicopter Hangar (South Africa)
The Hen & Chicken
The Herbert Chapman Pub
The Heron Club
The HiFi Club (West Yorkshire, UK)
The Highlands (California)
The Hippodrome
The Hobby Horse
The Honey Rock motel (South Africa)
The Hope and Anchor
The Horatia
THE HORNBLOWER (San Francisco, United States)
The Horse & Groom
The Horse & Groom
The Hot Tap Theatre
The House and Terrace
The Howard
The Hoxton Pony
The Hoxton White Horse
The Hub
The Hub (London)
The Hub Studios
The Hubb (Nevada, USA)
The I.M.P
The Ice Factory
The India Arms
The indigO2
The International Convention Centre
The Invershin
The Island
The Island
The Islington Metal Works
The Italian Club (South Africa)
The Jago (London, UK)
The Jago (London, UK)
The Jailhouse
The Jam House
The Jam Tree
The Jam Tree Chelsea
The Jamaican Eatery (South Africa)
The Jazz Place
The Joiners
The Jolly Tar
The Junction
The Junction (New South Wale,s, Aus)
The Kent County Showground
The Key
The Kiosk
The Knights Templar
The Korsan Bar
The Koz Bar
The Ku Bar
The Ku Klub
The Kube
The Lanes
The Lanes Bristol
The Lanes Bristol
The Langley
The Lansdowne Bar
The Lanterns
The Larrik Pub
The Last Days Of Decadence
The Latin Groove Lounge Club
The Laundry
The LCR (Norfolk, UK)
The Legion
The Leisure Lounge
The Leith Theatre
The Lexington
The Libertaire
The Library (Cork, Ireland)
The Lido Bar (Margate)
The Light
The Lightbox
The Lilypad (Massachusetts, USA)
The Linden Grove
The Liquid Lounge
The Liquid Lounge (Banbury)
The Live Rooms
The Living Room at Square Club (Dubai, UAE)
The Lock Keepers Bar
The Lock Up
The Lockside Lounge
The Lodge
The Loft
The Loft
The Loft (Birmingham)
The Loft (Brighton)
The Loft (New York, USA)
The Loft (Norwich)
The Loft Lounge and Bar (South Africa)
The Loft Queens Court
The London Capital Club
The London Stone
The London Stone
The London Underground (Spain)
The Lonsdale
The Looney Bin (Illinois, USA)
The Loop
The Lost Angel
the Louisiana
The Lounge
The Lounge (formally known as EQ)
The Lounge - Plett (South Africa)
The Lounge Durban (South Africa)
The Luminaire
The Macbeth (London, UK)
The Madison
The Magic Roundabout
The Magnet
The Malt Mill
The Maltings
The Manhattan Club (South Africa)
The Mansion (South Africa)
The Mansion House
The Market Bar
The Marylebone London
The Mason's Arms
The Masque Theatre
The Mayfair Club
The Mayflower Boat
The Maze
The Mean Fiddler
The Medicine Bar (Shoreditch)
The Met
The Met Brisbane (Australia)
The Metro Theatre (Sydney, Australia)
The Meydan Hotel (Dubai, UAE)
The Mezz
The Mi Bar
The Mill
The Mill (Birmingham, UK)
The Mill at Elstead
The Miller Warehouse (South Africa)
The Mills Parking Lot (South Africa)
The Mint Club
The Miyuki Maru
The Mod Club Theatre (Canada)
The Monarch
The Moose Bar
The Mud Club, Bognor Regis
The Music Box
The Music Cafe
The Music Factory
The Music Hall (California, USA)
The Musician
The National Bowl (Milton Keynes)
The Nest
The Nexus Club Southampton
The Noble House Bar
The O Bar
The Oak Bar
The Oasis
The Office
The Office
The Ogden Chicago (Chicago, USA)
The Old Baths
The Old Baths - Cre8 Lifestyle Centre
The Old Blue Last
The Old Blue Last
The Old Fiddler
The Old Firestation
The Old Ford
The Old Market
The Old Queen's Head
The Old Red Courthouse (Dallas, USA)
The Old Truman Brewery (London, UK)
The Olive Lounge (South Africa)
The Onyx Rooms
The Opera House
The Orange Corner (Ibiza)
The Orange Peel
The Origin (South Africa)
The Outer Space (Connecticut, USA)
The Palace Hotel
The Palace Theatre (New York, USA)
The Palm Beach Casino
The Palm Beach Casino
The Palms (South Africa)
The Paper Box (Brooklyn, United States)
The Paradise
The Paramount
The Park
The Parnell Mooney
The Pavilion Grille
The Pavilion Hotel (Australia)
The Pavillion Complex
The Pavillion Vibe Bar
The Peacock Bar
The Pedigree Corner
The Pelican
The Pelton Arms
The Penthouse (South Africa)
The Penthouse London
The Penthouse, Long Island City (New York, USA)
The Pepper Lounge (South Africa)
The Perfect 5th
The Pheasantry
The Pickle Factory
The Picturedrome
The Pier, Mumbles
The Pig in Paradise
The Pint
The Player
The Playground Pier Atlantic City
The Playwright Irish Pub (New York, USA)
The Plough Inn (London, UK)
The Plug
The Pod Bar
The Point
The Pool
The Pool After Dark at Harrahs Resort Atlantic City, USA
The Portside Pub (Vancouver, Canada)
The Pottergate Tavern
The Pride of London
The Prince Albert
The Prince of Wales
The Proud Archivist
The Pub
The Pulse
The Purple Room (Revolution Nightclub) (Canada)
The Purple Turtle
The Purple Turtle (Reading)
The Q (Virginia, USA)
The Q Club
The Qube Project
The Queen Mary
The Queen of Hoxton
The Question Mark Bar
The R Bar & Club
The Radium Beer Hall (South Africa)
The Radlett Centre
The Railway
The Rainbow
The Rainbow Venues
The Rainbow Warehouse
The Rampant Lion
The Ranch (California, USA)
The Ranch (Massachusetts, USA)
The Range (New York, USA)
The Realm Of Avalon, Somerset
The Recreational Ground (Whyteleafe, Surrey, UK)
The Red Door (South Africa)
The Red Gallery
The Red Room (South Africa)
The Red Rooms (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
The Reform Club (South Africa)
The Regal
The Regency Center (California, USA)
The Remix Bar
The Rescue Rooms
The Reserve (Los Angeles, United States)
The Resistance Gallery
The Rhythm Factory
The Ritz
The River Gambler (Canada)
The Roadhouse
The Rock (South Africa)
The Rock and Roll Kitchen
The Rock Bar (Ibiza)
The Rock Box (Texas, USA)
The Rocket Complex
The Room At The Top
The Rose
The Rose Hounslow
The Roundhouse
The Roxy
The Roxy (New South Wales)
The Royal Bath and West Showground
The Royal Horticultural Halls
The Royal Hotel
The Royal Oak
The Royal Princess
The Royal Sovereign
The Royal Theatre
The Ruby Lounge
The Ruby Room
The Rush House
The Russian Bar
The Sanctuary
The Scala
The Seabright Arms
The Shack
The Shack
The Shacklewell Arms
The Shelter
The Shoreditch
The Showbar
The Shredder (Idaho, USA)
The Side Show (South Africa)
The Silver Bullet
The Silver Star
The Skate Place (Oklahoma, USA)
The Skylark Hotel
The Slade Rooms
The Slaughtered Lamb
The Slug & Lettuce (St. Marys Axe)
The Slug and Lettuce (County Hall)
The Slug and Lettuce (Leamington Spa)
The Social
The Social (Canada)
the society
The Soho Lounge
The Solent Enterprise Boat (now renamed Sundance)
The Songwriters Club (South Africa)
The Sound Lounge (Oregon, USA)
The Sound Room (South Africa)
The Soundshaft
The Source Bar
The Space
The Space Station
The Spice Lounge
The Sports Page Bar (Kentucky, USA)
The Spot
The Spot (Nottingham)
The Spotted Dog
The Spread Eagle
The Springhouse Club
The Square Pig
The Stables
The Stage on Bay (Georgia, USA)
The Standard Hotel, Downtown LA
The Stannary, Falmouth University
The Star
The Star by Hackney Downs
the star of bethnal green
The Star Of Kings
The Star-Sky Terrace (Sydney, Australia)
The Starlight
The Station
The Station (Arkansas, USA)
The Station Hotel
The Station House
The Steel Yard Nightclub (London, UK)
The Steelyard
The Stokey Records Bar
The Stratford Rex
The Street
The Stretch
The Studio
The Studio (Newport)
The Sub Club (Glasgow)
The Subway(EQ)
The Suerita Vessel
The Sugar Complex
The Sugar Mill
The Sugarhouse (Lancaster, UK)
The Suite (South Africa)
The Suite Life Health, Fitness & Wellness Centre (South Africa)
The Sun Lounge
The Supperclub
The Swan
The Syndicate
The Syndicate Superclub (Bristol)
T.S.A ormonde (South Africa)
T/Cs NightClub
Tabacco Dock
The Tabernacle
Taboo (South Africa)
Tafelberg Tavern (South Africa)
Taj II (New York, USA)
Taj II Lounge and Event Space (New York, USA)
The Talk Norwich
Talking Heads
Tall Trees
Tamesis Bar Rotunda
Tampa Theatre (Florida, USA)
Tanner Smith's (New York, USA)
Tanner Warehouse (London, UK)
Tannery Row Ale House (Georgia, USA)
Tanz Cafe (South Africa)
Tanza Night (South Africa)
Tao Club - Mr B's Hotel
Tao Lounge (Australia)
Tapas Al Sol (South Africa)
Taps Pub & Grub
Taste & Thirst + Various Venues (California, USA)
TasteThirst (San Diego, USA)
Tatler Sydney (Sydney, Aus)
Taunton Race Course
TBA warehouse east london
The Telegraph
Telus World of Science (Vancouver, Canada)
The Temple (South Africa)
Temple Newsam
Temple Pier
Temples (Alicante)
Tempos (South Africa)
Tenerife Summer Festival (Tenerife, Spain)
Tequila House Sports Bar (Oklahoma, USA)
Tereza Joanne Boat
The Terrace (South Africa)
Tette Club (New York, USA)
Texas Discotheque (North Carolina, USA)
TFM Soundworks
Thames Luxury Princess
The Thames Princess Boat
The Thekla
Theorem Music Complex
Theorum Music Village
The Theroum
Thimbleberry Farm
Thirsk Athletic Sports & Social Club
Thomas Jack (Colorado, United States)
Thornbury Golf Centre
Three FAT Fish
Three Zero
Thyme Out Bistro and Coffee Bar (South Africa)
TIAA Bank Field (Florida, USA)
Tiger Tiger (London)
Tiger Tiger (South Africa)
Tiger Tiger Aberdeen
Tiger Tiger Cardiff
Tiger Tiger Leeds
Tiger Tiger Manchester
Tiger Tiger Newcastle
Tiger Tiger Portsmouth
Tignes Festival
Tilt (South Africa)
Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery Victorville (California, USA)
Time Nightclub
Times Union Center for the Performing Arts (Florida, USA)
Tings an Times (South Africa)
Tipsy Bar
Tivoli Backstage (Dublin, Ireland)
Tivoli Theatre
The Tivoli Venue
To Be Announced
Tobacco Dock (London, UK)
The Tobacco Factory
Toby Joes (South Africa)
Tocqueville (Milano, Italy)
Tokio Hotel
Tokyo Bar 17
Tokyo Sky (South Africa)
Tokyo Star Melville (South Africa)
Tokyo York
Tongue and Groove
Tooting Tram & Social
Tooting Tram & Social (London, UK)
Top Deck
Top Star drive in (South Africa)
Topeka Haunted Woods (Kansas, USA)
Total Refreshment Centre
Tower Arena
Tower Complex Arena
Tower Pier
The Town Bar and Grill (Illinois, United States)
Town Hall Event Center (Florida, USA)
Town Hall Event Center (Florida, USA)
The Town House
Town Point Park (Virginia, USA)
Towngate Theatre
Tox Club (Destino, Ibiza)
Toy Room Dubai
Toy Toy (South Africa)
Trademarx (South Africa)
Trak Live Lounge Bar (Melbourne, Australia)
Tramps (Tenerife)
Tramshed Cardiff
Trance Sky (South Africa)
Trapeze (formally East Village)
Trapeze Bar (London, UK)
Trapeze Basement
Trash Palace
Travelogue Caravan Park
Traxx Nightclub (South Africa)
Tre (Dubai, UAE)
Treehouse Miami (Miami, USA)
Trent Park
Trent Park
Trevelgue Holiday Park
Tribal Gathering Warehouse
Tribal Underground
Tribeca (Dubai, UAE)
The Trinity Centre
Trinity Centre
Tropicana Hotel (Las Vegas, USA)
Troy Bar
TRP Lodge (South Africa)
Tru, Camberley
Truc Vert
Truc Vert
Truth (South Africa)
Tryst (Canada)
TU Suns (South Africa)
Tuatara London
The Tube
Tuckers Bass Farm (South Africa)
Tudor Barn Eltham (London, UK)
The Tudor Rose Hotel
The Tumbledown
Tunisee (Freiburg, Germany)
The Tunnel
Tunnel Club Birmingham
The Tunnels
Turtle Creek (South Africa)
Turtle Creek (South Africa)
Turweston Aerodrome
Tuxedo Princess
Twiga (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
The Twisted Pepper (Dublin, Ireland)
Twisted Sisters Bar & Grill (Florida, USA)
Two 8 Six
TWSTD cafe
Tyne Dock
The Udder Place (California, USA)
The Underworld Camden
The Union
The Union (South Africa)
The Vault (Bismarck, USA)
The Vault Bar & Lounge (North Carolina, USA)
The Vaults
The Vaults (London)
The Velvet Rooms
The Venue (Berkshire)
The Venue (Doncaster)
The Venue (London)
The Venue (Nottingham)
The Venue (South Africa)
The Venue (South Africa)
The Venue at Dusty Trail Saloon (Indiana , USA)
The Victoria
The Victory (Formerly The Hobby Horse)
The View
The Village
The Viper Rooms Sheffield
The Volks
The Voltz Club
The Voodoo Lounge
The Vortex Inn
The Vortex Jazz Club
The Waiting Room
The Wall
The Warehouse
The Warehouse (Doncaster)
The Warehouse (South Africa)
The Warehouse - Bristol
The Warehouse - Plymouth
The Warehouse Leeds
The Warehouse Project
The Warrior (Florida, USA)
The Water Rat
The Waterfront
The Watershed Hotels (Sydney, Australia)
The Watford Colosseum
The Wavehouse (South Africa)
The Wedgewood Rooms
The Well
The Welly Club
The Where?house
The Whiskey (North Carolina, USA)
The White Horse
The White House
The White House
The White House, Hampton
The White Lion
The White Post Centre
The White Rabbit
The White Swan
The Wick
The Williamsburg Hotel (New York, USA)
The Willoughby
The Winchester
The Windbreak (North Dakota, USA)
The Windmill
The Windsor
The Wine Tun
The Woods at Bear Creek Luxury Camping Resort
The Works
The Workshop
The Wright Venue
The Wynwood Marketplace (Miami, US)
The Yacht Club
The Yard Theatre
The Zap Club
The Zephyr Rooms
The Zone
The Zoo
The Zoo (Kentucky, USA)
The Zoo (Kilkenny)


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Trapeze Bar (London, UK)
Address: 89 Great Eastern Street, London, United Kingdom. , EC2A 3HX

Nearest Tube:


Last updated: 18 May 2018

Circus-inspired Modern British kitchen and cocktail bar with a weekend nightclub in the basement.


MapLink: [map]

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   Trapeze Bar (London, UK)

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