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PAN expands on many things including his new album 'Hyperbolic Oxymoron' due for release on the 14th April 2022 on PsyWorld Records!

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 06-04-22 17:39

Psy-trance Artist PAN only started producing a few years ago, but in that small space of time he has managed to achieve what many artists take decades to do – he’s already releasing albums! His latest release is his strongest yet, and rightly has been snapped up by well-respected label Psyworld Records. Official release date is the 14th April 2022 but it’s available for early pre-order which means you can bag it today! Let’s find out more about Hyperbolic Oxymoron!

So Pan it’s been 6 months since we last chatted. How’s your learning of LFOs (low frequency oscillators) going? ;-)

Hi, firstly, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. It’s always a pleasure to update people on what I’m up to. So yeah, LFOs are now a part of my life, yes, so much I even dream them. Such amazing sounds out there, just waiting to be created. They have changed my music so much, that and automation.

The main reason for a catch up now was because you have an exciting new album out. ‘Hyperbolic Oxymoron’ will comes out on the 14th April 2022 on Psy-world Records, but is available to pre-order on Beatport now. Let’s start at the start – how did you come up with the album title?

Ha! I was searching for a catchy album name - family members helped. One said Hyperbolic, another said Oxymoron, and my wife said Hyperbolic Oxymoron. I do tend to exaggerate sometimes; maybe.

Did you set out to make a new album; was there a concept behind it? Or did you make some tunes and then decide to make them into an album?

Really, I was just making tracks and with each new one, my understanding of sound design was growing. When I finished one, I just wanted to make another. Next thing I knew there was an album, a Hyperbolic Oxymoron.

What’s your connection with Psy-World Records? How did you end up signing with them?

I was shopping around for a label to release with. The manager of UP records is having health issues, so I didn’t go that way. About 6 labels got back to me, but Psy-World seemed the best fit. Plus, their star is rising. Pleiadians (one of my favourite artists) just released on there. I still love UP records, their support is fantastic, and I do hope to release with them again.

How long did you take to make the album and can you describe it to the readers?

I think that it took the better part of a year to make the whole thing. I am in my studio pretty much every day but it is really easy to get lost in the sound of a 15 second riff. How to describe it? Uplifting happy, full-on Goa sounds with a driving bass line.

Was it a lot of blood, sweat and tears or did the production of the tunes on the album flow easily?

Hmm… If your work is fun then it’s not ‘work’ at all. Was it hard work? Probably, but I never got stressed. Thing is, the first 90% - the creation - is easy and fun. The last 10% is always the hardest work.

Your Psy-Trance music is heavily influenced by the Goa-trance sound and has a very sprightly energizing trippy and spiritual feel to it. Does this sound emulate naturally from you, or do you deliberately try to find sounds that fit this style that you like? Do you ever find yourself making darker vibes?

There is one track on my new album that is moodier, but not dark at all. Lots of people love dark, it’s just not my thing. I often hear sounds that I like and sometimes try to emulate them, but the whole uplifting feeling comes from my exposure to Psytrance in 99/2000.

To me your sound is evolving and getting bigger, fuller – more rocking and feistier. Do you feel this is down to your production knowledge growing, which allows you to craft your own unique sounds, or do you feel it’s down to the technical skills you’ve gained – with bass lines and beats? Or a combination, maybe neither? ;-)

Both really; and experimenting really helps. Plus understanding frequencies and synths goes a long way towards creating a better sound. Looking at many producers that I really admire, I wonder where I’ll be in 5 years. Cubase is a very powerful platform, and I am yet to discover so much. Sometimes it feels like Christmas morning!

Having been privileged to listen to the album already – all 9 tracks are really fresh hypnotic uplifting quality psychedelic trance. I particularly love ‘Cosmic Pulse’, ‘CPU Overload’ and ‘Slow Dream’. What are your favourite tracks from the album and why?

Alternate Reality’ was a huge breakthrough in my brain, so I love it. But ‘Cosmic Pulse’ and ‘Slow Dream’ are vying hard for the number 1 spot. It’s like asking someone to pick their favourite child.

Having known you for over ten years now it’s crazy that I only recently discovered you are blind in one eye. Can you tell me about this? How did it happen, what did you go through and how have you adapted?

I’ve been blind in my left eye for 20+ years. A blood tumour (not the bad kind) was responsible. It’s only been annoying me recently, so I had it removed. I get a fake eye in about 5 weeks. I will get an emerald green one so that I have David Bowie eyes. Adapting is pretty easy - you just get on with it and sometimes walk in to door frames.

I read that both scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have suggested that people who experience vision loss often develop a more enhanced sense of hearing. Did you find this to be the case?

Pardon! What did you say? Seriously though, maybe. I don’t know. But if people in lab coats say so, then there might be some truth to it. I do hear music all the time though.

If you could collaborate with any producer who would it be?

Wow. Well, I already have a track coming out with Mechanimal entitled ‘The Question’. It will be out soon on Expo Records. I really would love to make a tune with Nikki S too. Of course, Mr Peculiar and/or Etnica would be awesome.

You also make chill music and previously described your sound as ‘weird’. I think most of us would agree that the Psy-trance community, and indeed ravers in general don’t seem to fit the stereotype of ‘normal’ people in society. We are perhaps a bit more alterative/eccentric and have a strong love for letting go and ‘losing it’ on the dance floor along with hundreds/thousands of likeminded happy hippie people. Do you think that everyone has a ‘weird’ side to them, but they don’t indulge it, or do you feel that us raving banshees are a minority and wired differently to most humans?

I think everyone is a bit weird. Most people try and hide it and/or are afraid to live it. That’s why there is so much pop culture, people are looking to fit in. I believe that all of you happy hippie raver friends are cool, because you are not embarrassed to display your weirdness.

Your website that your super talented wife Kristina made is awesome. I love your festival life guidance tips. You mention the importance of taking vitamin supplements to help with endurance. Which supplements do you recommend?

First and foremost, magnesium; partying hard depletes your body of it. Having none means leg cramps, which means dancing hurts. But on top of that, green tea extract and a good multi. Your body will thank you on day three.

I believe you and Kristina are putting on music events where you live in Barcelona. Tell us about these? You’re both mega passionate about the Psy-trance scene - have you ever considered putting on a Psy-trance party or a festival?

Currently, Kristina is hosting live music events. They are epic, with super talented musicians. I am just along as a helper. The response has been awesome and now, post Covid, they are getting really full. We really want to put on a Psytrance event here, in fact we have everyone from Sonic Species to Mechanimal to Entica within 45 min travel time. Finding a venue was the issue but it seems that we might have found one last week… Watch this space![/b]

Happily parties are back in full swing again now. Do you have any goodies you’re playing at?

Yeah! Finally! Yes, I have some dates here in Spain, Whirly-fayre in August in the UK, 3DNA in Hungary right after that. I am talking to about 6 other promoters too, so fingers crossed.

What are you currently working on now in the studio?

I just finished a new track called ‘[Insert Track Name Here]’? Really nice sounds, I’m experimenting with bass now. I do want to make some more chill though. Every time I listen to ‘Lost in Translation’, it surprises me.

Lastly; you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur. What’s your favourite wine and why?

Easy, Malbec. Powerful as hell, usually 14%, but so tasty. But if you see me somewhere then I’ll happily accept any wine with a smile Smile

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Images courtesy of Pan. Not to be reproduced without permission.
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