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Psychedelic Sister CORAL talks about how she found her trance dance pants!

Reported by Jessica Alici / Submitted 11-03-19 10:09

Coral has been DJing since 1999 when the irresistible sounds of Psychedelic madness were calling her! Hailing from Seattle, WA, her career has seen her jet set all over the globe and her productions are signed to killer labels such as Propheti Records and Reversible Records! Another testament to her awesome ability is that she is one of the winners of the recent Psy-Sisters competition, and her epic track Atmospheric Pressure' is the first release on the Psy-Sisters Music label which landed on International Women’s Day! Read on to find out more about the 4-wheeling, kayaking Coral!

When did your love for music begin?

I’ve loved music my entire life! I was introduced to PsyTrance in 1999 and it changed my life! The first track I heard was Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity. I was in love at first kick: Cascading synths captured my emotions and I felt an instant connection. Immediately I began DJing with Psytrance on vinyl and I didn’t look back. Psytrance became my life’s joy, and I continue to meet amazing people and feel the magic of outdoor festivals.

What was the first record you bought

Actually my first Psytrance records were gifted to me: Atmos - The Only Process and Spawn - Beast. Wow, did they have an impact on me. Even today, every listen evokes the same magic I felt at the beginning. My first purchased album was Hallucinogen—The Lone Deranger.

When and how did you get into DJing?

In 1998 my passion for music and dancing prompted me to purchase turntables. I had the desire to DJ, but didn’t know which genre or where to start. Soon after I heard Goa trance and it was then I knew I had found my music.

What about producing?

After DJing for 10 years I was ready for a new challenge. I desired a new creating outlet, and producing seemed to fit the bill. I immediately purchased Cubase and taught myself production using You Tube tutorials. Aeon, a producer friend of mine encouraged me with advice and also Cubase support. I’m forever grateful for his guidance!

What inspires you when making music?

My deep connections to nature and my Psy-Trance family inspire my music. At home, I’m surrounded by nature. My inspiration are the forests, beautiful mountains and a mystical lake. Dancing with my Psy-trance family spurs my creative energy and brings me pure joy!

Do you have a particular process that you follow when making a track?

I approach each track like a puzzle. I start with a solid kick and bass, and create an assortment of random noises and melodies (my favourite part!). Next I create melodies that inspire me and piece together the track.

Congratulations on winning the Psy-Sisters release Competition! ‘Atmospheric Pressure’ is out on the freshly launched Psy-Sisters label, tell us about the track…

Thank you! I’m honoured to compete among so many great producers. I created ‘Atmospheric Pressure’ about a year ago, and set it aside. For whatever reason it was missing something, and I couldn’t figure out how to fill it out. Just before the contest, I took a long hike that kindled amazing creative energy for me. Finally, the perfect sounds and melodies flowed to bring the track together.

Other than music, what are your passions?

Other than music, soccer, outdoor activities and animals are my passions. I’ve played and watched soccer since I was six. Where I live is an outdoor playground; in Summer I’m active kayaking, swimming and water skiing. Winters mean sledding, 4 wheeling and outdoor walks in the snow. I have a deep love for my 4 cats who are great company in my studio!

Tell us about one of your most memorable music related experiences and why?

Wow there have been so many experiences that it is hard to pin pick just one… One that stands out to me is my sweetie and my journey to Ozora. Our first stop was Serbia. Two of our close friends married on an island in Novi Sad. Imagine a 24-hour island wedding party: complete with DJs, lights and food. Fantastic! The next day we packed for Ozora for their honeymoon celebration. We managed to wrangle both our American and European Psy families into one perfect camp site, and camped together for a week. We truly had the most incredible of experiences together! Dancing, eating, trekking and holding space for each other. My ideal morning happened every day. Wake up, have a Serbian breakfast of coffee and Rakija with our friends and head to the dance floor. Dancing is my favourite, but dancing among close friends is blissful! Every evening we met at the top of a hill with snacks and wine for “Sundowners”. The combined experience of Ozora’s beautiful landscape, global people, delicious wine, and healthy food made Ozora epic!

If someone were to write a book about your life so far what should it be called?

The Life of Psy: How I found my trance dance pants. LOL!

Thanks for making the time for this interview Coral - good luck with the release!

Coral - ‘Atmospheric Pressure’ is out now on Psy-Sisters Music label!

You can listen to a preview and buy a copy of this awesome release here:

This release will be available on other good on-line stores from the 8th April 2019!

Social Media Links:

All images are courtesy of Coral and not to be reproduced without permission.
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