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A quick word From Captain Yoji ahead Of Twisted's airport spectacular
Written by mostwantedkat on 03-10-06 01:40 (5629 views) (7 comments)
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, clubbers extraordinaire — welcome on board Twisted Airlines Flight 0710 for the maiden voyage of the sensational Airport clubbing concept. Our airport destination is The Fridge in London, our scheduled time of arrival 10pm. Your captains on this flight of musical fancy are international clubbing legends Yoji Biomehanika and Scot Project, who will be lifting you off the ground with a dazzling mix of hard dance, European trance, techno trance and hard house. [Full Story]

Trevor McLachlan & HeatUK’s big 5th birthday double-header
Written by e99 on 03-10-06 01:29 (6413 views) (39 comments)
HarderFaster was first introduced to Trev back in December 2005 when he became a monthly resident for the long running night Twisted, after having consistently delivered the goods to their crowd on a bi-monthly basis. Since then, his production career has taken off with a big way, and several of his tracks have become amongst the biggest anthems of the year - being signed to big labels in the scene such as Impact, tidy and AddictionDigital. A knack for creating complex, emotional, exciting riffs has proved to be his forte, and his energetic hard trance sound has followed on from where the likes of Phil Reynolds and Steve Blake started. [Full Story]

Talking acid techno with Chris Liberator
Written by HarderFaster on 01-10-06 22:19 (6650 views) (20 comments)
London is famous for many things: Big Ben, The River Thames, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, black cabs, overcrowded tubes, red buses and acid techno. “Acid techno?” you ask? Yes indeedy, for London is the home of the Stay Up Forever Collective — djs, producers, record label and party organisers extraordinaire that all have one thing in common: a love of the acidy techno sounds that have become a musical sub-genre in their own right. [Full Story]

One Wise Man with Raymondo
Written by Adam Symbiosis on 29-09-06 12:03 (5431 views) (22 comments)
A wise old man once told me the secret to being a good DJ is to enjoy yourself. If that holds true then there’s one wise guy that’s had all the success in the world. Entertaining the masses for longer (and better) than some of today’s know-nothing upstarts have been eating solid food, Ray Wise, better known as Raymondo, has consistently provided great music at parties across the world in a career that’s seen him turn his skilled hand not just to DJing, but running a successful party, a fantastic website and also documenting the scene through his photographs and summarising it all into the famous club laws. To be honest if he hasn’t done it, it’s not worth doing.
[Full Story]

Justin Roberston: chameleon of the club scene
Written by HarderFaster on 28-09-06 22:56 (2774 views) (7 comments)
Justin Robertson is without doubt one of the most diverse names in the music scene today. How many artists do you know who can dj techno, soulful house, reggae and dub in between producing tunes for the likes of Fatboy Slim while singing in bands and writing songs? Although the man himself was very quick to tell me he doesn’t actually do this all at once, such eclectic talent is indeed rare in today’s sub-genred days. [Full Story]

Fusion interview with Anne Savage
Written by K8-e on 27-09-06 20:17 (10393 views) (8 comments)
It’s always a pleasure interviewing people you really admire and Anne Savage is one of those ladies for me. Iconic female djs like Anne, Lisa Lashes, Lottie and Sister Bliss have provided inspiration and entertainment to many for years now. Given it’s been two years since Anne’s last interview on HarderFaster and she has an upcoming gig at Fusion Stage 2 this Friday at Club ICE, Warminster, I thought it was an ideal opportunity for me to put my questions to the woman herself. [Full Story]

Getting inside the K-Complex
Written by benz on 27-09-06 20:15 (6545 views) (24 comments)
Pete Richardson aka K-Complex has been rolling out hard dance and hardcore beats for a good few years now, making a name for himself as one of the best producer/engineers on the underground scene. Now, towards the tail end of 2006, he is on the brink of becoming one of the major stars of the scene. Having put a bigger emphasis on his dj’ing after conquering the world of the live PA with the Nu Energy Collective, he has come to the attention of promoters and clubbers across the country this year with his spell-binding, none-more-energetic sets. After catching his set at Frantic’s 9th Birthday, I was absolutely blown away — it was simply the best hard dance set I’ve seen all year. [Full Story]

Interview with Steve Morley
Written by AshAttack on 27-09-06 20:02 (5479 views) (9 comments)
Since the early 90s Alici aka Steve Morley has been creating dance music for us all to enjoy. By 1998 his discography was so huge that many djs out there had at least one of his tracks in their record boxes, resulting in major support. It is names such as Steve Morley that are the very history of the dance music industry and names like this should not be forgotten in a hurry. [Full Story]

Do you Knowwhere it all began?
Written by minimoo on 27-09-06 19:39 (5697 views) (21 comments)
When you think about successful trance events in London, two names immediately spring to mind, Knowwhere and Trance on Thames. Knowwhere has been synonymous with quality trance parties in the capital for a good few years: they’ve spread their wings abroad on one or two occasions and gained a reputation for being all about the friendliest vibe around. When they moved to Heaven some time back they diversified, and were soon bringing fans the very best on the hard dance menu, as well as serving up funky and trance. With solid residents like Anthony Dean, Adam White and AJ Gibson on the trance floor, and regular appearances from big guns like Dave Pearce, Lisa Pin Up, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter and many more, they can certainly be seen as part of the London clubland establishment. [Full Story]

Twist's latest residents prepare for the Twistathon
Written by Twist on 27-09-06 18:54 (5545 views) (26 comments)
Twist is the infamous party that changed the face of London’s after hours scene. Born nearly four years ago, it has managed to sustain an almost fanatical and dedicated following in the face of an ever changing scene. Ahead of this Saturday 30th September where Twist hold a rare night time party for those who perhaps are not aficionados of after parties, we interview the three newest Twist residents: Tom Basquil, Steve Maynard and the latest Twist sensation Paul Batten. [Full Story]

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