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» The System Rebooted

Reviewed by Pete M / Submitted 27-01-23 11:20

Label: Lost Language
Format: Digital
Genre: Electronic / Trance

In 2010, Tasadi unleashed The System Rebooted, a companion remix album to 2008's The System. The main album is about the Solar System and our planet's role within it. I thought it was time to take a retrospective look at the remixes album. After 13 years, we delve into the EL-EL archives and journey back into space and into our Solar System.

Allende, 4Mal, Vadim Zhukov and Cressida, amongst others, offer fresh looks at each planet, and celestial body, in turn. The rebooted album also contains two dubs, by Allende and J-Soul. We start our journey fairly local. The Sun has been a case of wonder and puzzlement throughout the years and centuries. Remixed by 4Mal, the solar winds gently warm as we pass through Sol's orbit.Mind you, the proggy treatment is fairly constant; as is befitting our nearest star.

Other remixes come from Allende, who provided a dub of Venus. Some of the planets have their Latin names. For example, Mercury is named as Mercurius and Saturn, with its rings, is known as Saturnus. The furtherest planet, Pluto, the coldest in our Solar System, is remixed by Alejandro Rivera. Nhato provided two mixes of Mercurius and Jupiter. Nhato is the only artist to remix two planets in this set.

While it sticks to the original formula of the 2008 album, the System Rebooted has a more energetic approach to its structure with interesting takes on its contents. My fave tracks are the Allende mixes of Venus and 4Mal's mix of Sol. Nhato's mix of Mercurius is cool too.

If you don't have this or the original album, I would certainly advise a look into it. Thumbs up

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